5 Things People Who Are Debt-Free Don’t Do

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If you are like most people, you don’t like debt and want to be debt-free. There is no way to sugar coat it – owing someone money just isn’t the type of thing that brings peace or happiness into ones life. Sure, most people have debt of some kind, but I haven’t met anyone with debt that enjoys watching the compounding interest, paying the monthly payments, nor owing someone something. No matter how you look at it, debt just stinks.

I am not saying you shouldn’t finance a home or buy a dependable car. I’m NOT telling you, that if you have debt, you are a horrible person. I am, however, addressing the stress that debt brings into the lives of those who carry the burden.

When my husband and I first got married we were literally up to our eyeballs in debt. We had just graduated from Washington State University and had both financed our entire undergraduate education. At the same time, we were buying our first home which also meant we were financing our down payment (crazy, I know), a new washer, a new refrigerator, and a plethora of other expenses.

And after we paid off all that debt in 2005, we vowed to never go back to that place, ever again. And in making sure that we remain debt-free, there are some things that we just simply don’t do anymore.

Today I am sharing the things I’ve learned; the 5 things people who are debt-free don’t do.

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