How to Start Praying as a Couple

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It can be overwhelming and intimidating when you want to start praying as a couple. After all, talking to God is often seen as a very intimate personal thing, as it should be.

How to Start Praying as a Couple

However, when you are married, there is nothing more powerful than opening the line of communication with God together. In this post, we’ll look at practical ways you and your spouse can start praying comfortably and confidently as a couple.

Benefits of Praying as a Couple

Praying individually has its perks, but when you decide to join forces and pray with your spouse, you can unlock something even more powerful. Prayer is much more than just talking with God. It also involves growing intimately deeper with your spouse on a spiritual (and physical) level. 

Imagine it being similar to going to battle. If you were to go in by yourself, your chances of survival would be much less than if you went in with a companion. In this case, your spouse is your prayer warrior and companion, making a stronger spiritual fort around you, your family, and your home.

Praying together also builds trust with one another. This is a vulnerable moment that you two will share that will have a lasting impact. Keep reading for our top tips on how to get and stay started praying together.

How to Start Praying as a Couple

1. Talk about what prayer means to you and what it means from a biblical perspective.

Oftentimes, we have misconceptions about what prayer is and what it should look like. Much of this branches from how we were taught or what we were shown as children. When wanting to start praying as a couple, consider doing a bible study on prayer. This will help dispel any myths and make you more comfortable adopting it into you and your spouse’s lifestyle.

2. Decide how you will start praying together.

Believe it or not, you don’t need an elaborate prayer space or some bullet point layout to start praying together. For starters, all you need is each other. Then, together you can come up with particulars such as a certain time of the day you’ll pray together, what you’ll pray, and so on. 

3. Discuss what you will pray about.

In the beginning stages, it is completely normal to use prayer prompts, prayer cards, prayers found in Scripture, and so on. In fact, we highly recommend starting with a prompt of some format to help you get comfortable with praying together. You can even start with praying for yourselves, your marriage, and your children. Then branch out to praying for your extended family, neighborhood, community, current events, and the like.

4. Start where you’re at.

Don’t hesitate to get started praying as a couple sooner than later. You may encounter many thoughts and concerns that will lead you to believe that things need to look or be a certain way before you can start. Cast those down and remember why you are praying in the first place. Not only should your motive be growing closer to one another, but growing closer as a couple to God. Therefore, come as you are!

Things to Avoid When Praying as a Couple

As you begin praying with one another, you may encounter some speed bumps and roadblocks. Keep in mind that the enemy does not want you and your spouse praying, let alone together. If and/or when issues arise, remember your motives. Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Skipping too many days. This can lead to stopping altogether.
  • Extra discussion or “preaching.” Devote this time specifically to praying.
  • Setting unrealistic expectations. Doing so can hinder trust and vulnerability.

Final Thoughts

Whether you start by praying silently together or aloud with a list of things on your heart, praying as a couple is taking a huge step in your Christan walk. There are many Scriptures that support couples praying together and these can be your strength as you get started.

If you’ve been praying as a couple, what advice would you give to a couple who is new to praying together? Let us know in the comments!

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