5 Days to a Debt-Free Christmas

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5 Days to a Debt-Free Christmas

5 Days to a Debt-Free Christmas

Welcome to our 5-days to a debt-free Christmas series! Are you tired of being stressed out when Christmas comes around each year and feeling like you have to buy gifts for everyone? Are you tired of going into debt just to buy gifts for people? We understand. Christmas is supposed to be a celebration of Christ’s birth — not a trap of

We know that you are here because you are looking for ways to ensure that your Christmas is relaxing and full of fun. Because of the wisdom of the three generations before me, I have been blessed to grow up celebrating the Christmas season debt-free. In this series I share 5 days of my best secrets and strategies to help your family not only celebrate Christmas debt-free, but LIVE debt-free! It is my hope that you will gain the encouragement you need to realize that you CAN do this! With some hard work and intentional decisions, you can become debt-free! There is hope for you!

In this series you can expect to learn:

  • Ways to earn FREE Christmas gifts.
  • How to simplify to save money.
  • How to get your spouse and family members on board for a debt-free Christmas.
  • The best ways to earn money for shopping online.
  • Simple saving strategies to allow for a debt-free Christmas.
  • and MUCH more!


Are you looking for ideas to celebrate Christmas with your family debt-free? If so, come see these 5 ways that we've been able to do so for over 20 years!

Creating a Christmas budget for time and money will not only help you accomplish your goals but will provide you with a peaceful holiday season!

Why You Should Buy Christmas Gifts Year Round

Are you looking to simply your Christmas? Come see these six steps to help you get there.

Looking for ways to earn free Christmas gifts? Here are some strategies we've been using for nearly 20 years!

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