5 Ways to Save on School Supplies

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Looking for some ways to save money on school supplies? Here are 5 ideas.

Before we know it the dog-days of summer will be upon us and, with it, paper, folders, pencils and markers will be in every advertisement. Does the thought of stocking-up on all of the school necessities make you feel a bit overwhelmed? …Not sure how you’re going to fulfill the teachers’ endless list of requirements? Here are 5 great ways to save on your child’s school supplies.

5 Ways to Save on School Supplies

1. Keep your eyes peeled for deals.
During the late summer months office supply stores begin the competition for your school supply dollars. They often advertise a common item at a great price if you spend a certain amount. This is the perfect time to buy the assignment planner you need but to also stock up on folders (in mass quantities) for a fraction of their regular price.

As more and more busy families are turning to online shopping to fulfill their lists, don’t forget to check online sources for great deals, too. Checking out Amazon or office supply websites may lead you to greater savings than you would find at the store, plus with the click of your mouse it will come right to you. No need to pack up the kids and fight the crowds so that you can find that much sought-after brand of pencil.

2. Pay attention to parent organization mailings in the spring.
Some parent-teacher school organizations offer school supply kits at a discounted rate (including the backpack!) Complete with pre-printed labels, your child will arrive at school on the first day with a box full of the year’s worth of necessities. This is a wonderful option for the busy family that may not have the time to fulfill the supply list in August, plus they usually come at a very reasonable cost. The only glitch…you have to pre-order in the spring, so be on the look-out for information that may be sent home.

3. Head to the dollar store.
The dollar store is a wonderful resource for discounted supplies. You will want to be careful, however, that you don’t spend a dollar on something that, elsewhere, would be considerably less. Paying a dollar for a package of pens, pencils or markers is a good deal…a dollar for a single package of index cards is not. Regardless, make sure to include the dollar store on your list of stops to make when back to school shopping. Your budget will thank you!

4. Buy in bulk.
Think about the things that you’ll need lots of this year. You may need bunches of notebooks or pencils. Filler paper is a must for both school and home. When you find a great deal (usually right after the Fourth of July) stock up on those things that you know you’ll use throughout the year. The worst case scenario is that you’ll have some extra supplies left over to use for next year.

5. Aim for good quality the first time.
While it may seem to go against the idea of saving money, buying good quality will help your purchases to last longer. If, for example, your child needs a binder, purchasing a slightly sturdier version will help withstand the number of times it will be thrown into a locker or pushed into a desk. Going with the least expensive option may lead to the need to replace your child’s supplies more frequently throughout the year.

How do you prepare your family for the new school year while staying within your budget? Please share your ways to save on school supplies!

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