5 Ways to Save for a Family Vacation

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Are you looking for some creative ways to save money for your next family vacation? If so, we have 5 tips to help you get there!

If you are like the majority of families that can’t find the money in their budget to take a family vacation, I would like to share with you five ways to save, so that your family vacation can become a reality.

5 Ways to Save for a Family Vacation

1. Never spend your change

My parents are still faithful in this practice and it amazes me just how quickly their small change can turn into hundreds of dollars when, at the end of the day, their loose change is put into a collection box.  When this box gets full or there is a need or desire, they begin the task of rolling the coins and taking them to the bank. Imagine my surprise as a teenager, when I was told that this habit can easily give them hundreds of dollars when they need it most.

2. Use coupons to cut your grocery bill

If you know that saving $25 a month in groceries can help you put money into savings for your family vacation, you will be much more motivated in looking for bargains. I would suggest you start with knowing what you normally spend in grocery shopping and putting whatever you can save from that amount into savings for your family vacation. One easy way to do this is by meal planning and using coupons.

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3. Save your eat-out budget

Anytime you sacrifice eating out, put that money into savings toward your family vacation. Depending on the size of your family and the frequency of going out to eat, you can literally put hundreds of dollars away toward this much-needed vacation.

4. Buy used, never new

This habit can really allow more money to be saved over the year, giving some of it to your vacation fund. When their is a need, always look into used sources first; if the item can’t be found to fit your taste or needs, only then purchase new.

5. Get the family involved

Most children would love the opportunity to help earn money to go on a family vacation.  Have them make posters or flyers of the odd jobs that they can offer to the neighborhood.  Odd jobs like mowing the yard, watching pets, washing cars,or help with cleaning the garage or attic are perfect things to offer your neighbors.

With these easy-to-implement tips, your family will be saving money for that much-needed and desired family vacation time together.  Your family will be stronger for working toward this goal together, while your dreams are becoming a reality.

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