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Free Star Wars Chore Chart & Reward Pack

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Free Star Wars Chore Chart

Today I am offering a Free Star Wars Chore Chart & Reward Kit for my fellow Star Wars loving friends out there!I have fond memories while growing up experiencing the Star Wars movie phenomena.

My younger brother was OBSESSED with all-things Star Wars and was immersed in that world of mini figures, light sabers, and countless hours of playing with the Tie Fighter and pretending to be Luke Skywalker.

When I got married I didn’t realize that my husband shared my love for the Star Wars movies, but he did. So imagine how thrilled I was when both my oldest and youngest sons both became Star Wars fans on their own!

Our oldest daughter isn’t a fan, but that’s okay, I love her anyway! I am excited to share with you this amazing chore chart and reward pack today to help keep your Star Wars fans motivated to be responsible!

Free Star Wars Chore Chart & Reward Pack

In this Chore Chart & Reward pack you will receive:

  • 1 blank chore chart
  • 2 pages of reward bucks (12 in all)
  • 1 rewards report for tracking rewards

FRUGAL TIP: We use our laminator to make sure the reward bucks last a long time so we don’t have to keep printing them out.






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