6 Must Have Resources to Teach Your Child About Sex (God’s Way)

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6 Must Have Resources to Teach Your Child About Sex (God’s Way)

Teaching your child about sex God’s way is a subject that is very near and dear to our heart. Growing up, neither of our parents taught us about sex. As a matter of fact, not only did the world teach both of us about sex, neither of us grew up in a Christian household. Can you relate?

As a result of not hearing about God’s design for sex – we both suffered the consequences and hurt from having sex before marriage. And when we met one another in college we were new Christians and we were determined that we wouldn’t have sex with one another before marriage. Thankfully, with God’s help, we were able to keep that promise to God and one another. And it felt so good.

teach your child about sex

6 Must Have Resources to Teach Your Child About Sex (God’s Way)

We both know that God honored us for making the decision to wait to have sex until after we married and wanted to be sure our children had the chance to do the same. So when we were constantly on our knees before the Lord praying for the wisdom to teach our children-to-be about sex God’s way. We were determined to show them God’s design for sex well before the world ever had it’s chance to distort their view.

We first started praying these prayers over 18 years ago and we are excited to say that we successfully taught our oldest daughter (now 18) all about biblical sex in marriage. She was ready to have this talk at the tender age of 4 and it’s an ongoing conversation 14+ years later. However, our two youngest children (boys ages 11 and 9) weren’t ready as early as their big sister to have “the talk” about God’s design for sex.

As we’ve begun teaching our two youngest boys about God’s design for sex in marriage, it is clear that we needed some reinforcements as they were not like their older sister. One is very inquisitive on a biological level while the other begins to act goofy when we bring up the topic. Thankfully there are some great Christian resources out there to help with this very important time in a child-parent relationship.

Must-Have Resources!

Before we share the 6 resources, you should check out Covenant Eyes for yourself (seriously, this is a must-have service in the age of the Internet). This is a wonderful resource to make sure that the online experience in your family is filtered through a Christian lens.

1. Having the Talk Video Course

Hands down, this course is the best and most thorough resource we have encountered on how to teach your children about biblical sexuality. This thorough course covers 8 modules plus bonus lessons! Here is what you will find in this course:

Lesson 1: Too much too soon? How to know when to begin talking to your kids about sex.

Lesson 2: Created Male and Female. Talking to kids about the differences in male and female anatomy.

Lesson 3: Be Fruitful and Multiply. How to communicate the function and purpose of sex with your kids.

Lesson 4: Celebrating Life. A lesson on the beginning of human development.

Lesson 5: The Intimacy of Sex. Communicating the importance of sex within a marital relationship.

Lesson 6: The Theft of Love. How to talk to your kids about adultery and sexual sin.

Lesson 7: Sexual Abuse and Your Child. Talking to kids about sexual abuse.

Lesson 8: Your Body Belongs to the Lord. Communicating with your children the importance of honoring God with our bodies.

Bonus Lessons!

Bonus lessons covering how to talk to your children about homosexuality and masturbation in age-appropriate ways as well as a lesson on guarding your children against pornography.

Can you say thorough? You can learn more and sign up for the course HERE.

2. The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality

This book is another wonderful resource from the same authors of the eCourse above. The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality has been a wonderful resource to really give our two youngest sons an accurate biblical explanation about sex. We were thrilled when we heard they were creating the course (above) as it has been a life-saver in our home!

Biblical Sexuality for Teaching Sex Ed

3. The Story of Me

6 Must Have Resources to Teach Your Child About Sex (God's Way)

This is the very first book we used for our oldest child (our daughter, now 15) to introduce her to God’s design for sex. This book is written for ages 3-5, and uses age-appropriate language and illustrations. The Story of Me explains to young children the marvelous body God gave them.

4. Before I Was Born

6 Must Have Resources to Teach Your Child About Sex (God's Way)

Before I Was Born is the second book we used to explain age-appropriate information about sexual intercourse between a husband and wife, conception, fetal development, childbirth, and breastfeeding with our oldest. This book is designed for children ages 5 to 8.

5. What’s the Big Deal?: Why God Cares About Sex

6 Must Have Resources to Teach Your Child About Sex (God's Way)

What’s the Big Deal? helps kids (ages 8-11) find answers to their questions about sex. It explains the basic facts about sex, why God made adults so they want to have sex, what God says about sex in the Bible, and how to respond when faced with sexual pressure from peers, TV, movies, and magazines.

6. Facing the Facts: The Truth About Sex and You

6 Must Have Resources to Teach Your Child About Sex (God's Way)

Facing the Facts is the 4th and final book in the God’s Design for Sex series. This book is designed for children ages 11-14 and we used it with our daughter several times during this age-range. Facing the Facts equips kids to understand and deal with the changes of puberty. It also examines why God intends sex for marriage, discusses love and dating, and answers tough questions about sexuality.

While there are many resources out there to teach sexual education, it was very important to us that we used resources that were Bible-based and helpful for each of our three children. We can say with confidence that the 6 resources to teach your child about sex above are very solid and effective. There is nothing like knowing that you have given your children the ability to choose God’s design for sex well before the world has their chance to distort it. We pray that God will continue to nurture the seeds of purity planted in each of our children’s hearts!

Do you have any favorite resources to teach your children about God’s design for sex?

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