Free Christmas Spelling Mats

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I’m so excited to introduce my first set of spelling mats!

This free printable pack is perfect for your little learners!

Come grab these fun and free printable Christmas Spelling Mats + Tiles!

Christmas Spelling Mats

These mats are so fun for little learners. Included in this pack are 18 spelling mats, 18 spelling cards, a set of uppercase letter tiles, and a set of lowercase letter tiles. You will want to print out two sets of the tiles for the words that have duplicate letters. Young learners will choose a spelling card. Find the matching spelling mat. Use the tiles to correctly spell each word.

Free Christmas Spelling Mats

These activities help children with letter identification as they search for the correct letters in the pile of tiles. Students will learn that letters make up words. Your child might have fun stamping their spelling words, as well.

>>Download your free Christmas Spelling Mats and Tiles here.<<


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