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5 Essential Time Management Tips for Moms

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Being a mom is hard work. There is so much to do and such little time! Between kids’ activities, daily chores and other responsibilities, the way that you plan your day can make or break whether you get everything done (and your mental state after bedtime). Here are 5 essential time management tips for moms that will help you to better organize your day.


Time Management Tips for Moms

5 Essential Time Management Tips for Moms

Use a Calendar, Even if you think you’ve got it!

One of the bigger challenges of being a mom is knowing who needs to be where and when. It may have been possible before a family to remember appointments, social events, etc. but with so much going on, a calendar is a must. It will help prevent those embarrassing phone calls wondering why you skipped a dentist appointment or where you are for a play date.

Your calendar can take the form that’s most convenient for you. You may choose to use a smart phone or online calendar, or to use one that hangs on the fridge. Regardless of how you go about it, having a calendar is essential to managing your time.

Consider your Kids’ Schedules

As you plan the tasks that must be accomplished, think about the kinds of things you have to do and the amount of focus that they need (then plan accordingly.) If you have little ones at home, balancing the checkbook or doing homework for a class that you’re taking may not be possible during the time that the kids’ are awake. Those deep thought tasks should be saved for early morning, naptime or after bedtime.

In planning the time for running errands, think about when your kids are at their best. Are they fresh and ready to take on the day in the morning, or is after naptime really better? Planning time out and about for your kids’ better time of day will help them (and you) to have a better errand experience.

Hand over Some of the Responsibilities

As your kids get older, they will be more and more capable to help with some of the things that need to be completed each day. From helping to pick up toys to helping to feed pets, getting the kids involved in helping around the house will not only teach them responsibility, but it will give you back some of the time that you need.

Plan out your Meals

Preparing meals takes a lot of time each week. Getting yourself in the habit of planning all of the meals for the week and shopping for them all at once will help you to minimize the time spent at the grocery store.

In planning your meals, aim to prepare larger meals (that make leftovers) earlier in the week. It will make for ready-to-eat lunches throughout the week, with little additional effort.

If you get really ambitious (and have extra time on the weekend,) you may consider cooking a couple of dinners for the week ahead and freezing them until the day you plan to eat them. This habit will cause you to simply need to thaw and reheat the meal, rather than need to start from scratch.

Get Organized

Being organized is a must when it comes to saving time. If you don’t know where your banking materials are or are unsure of where to find your kids’ favorite toys, the amount of time spent looking for things will eat away at precious time during your day.

Though it will initially take some time to do, placing things where it’s most convenient to find them (and labeling containers, when appropriate) will help you to easily find the things that you will need throughout the day.

You may want to also consider creating binders for important information…birth and marriage certificates, passports, etc. and a separate one for home information…mortgage or lease documents, home improvement papers, etc. Rather than having them scattered in different places, having them together will save you a ton of time when you need them.

Do you have other essential time management tips for Mom? Please share your tricks of the trade!


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