4 Things Ruining Intimacy In Your Marriage

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Are these 4 things ruining intimacy in your marriage?

For many marriages outside obstacles and distractions are ruining intimacy. The good news? It can all be corrected as long as both spouses are ready and willing.

Intimacy is a key component to cultivating a strong marriage. And while intimacy is only one aspect of marriage, if intimacy starts to break down, your marriage will quickly show signs. So many people tend to put intimacy on the back burner, but that’s never a good idea.

Strong marriages are built on a foundation of faith, love, trust, communication, and intimacy. When one of those core pieces starts to diminish, your marriage will begin to suffer.

4 Things Ruining Intimacy In Your Marriage

If you feel as though intimacy in your marriage is suffering, here are some possible causes why this is happening.

Lack of Time

As adults, we are literally busy every second of the day. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep, our minds, bodies, and legs are literally racing. We try to balance family, kids, work, social life and everything else that’s thrown at us on a daily basis…but where does your marriage fall in all of this?

If you aren’t making the time for your marriage, you’re helping destroy your intimacy.

To combat this, set aside a day each week that the two of you can be intimate. Don’t make it feel like a schedule per se, but you’ll notice that once you get into a “schedule”, it’ll become more and more frequent throughout other times of the week, too.


This isn’t to single out one partner or the other in a marriage as each and every person who lives in this century is probably guilty of this. And honestly, it’s the way that the internet and technology were meant to be. Our society craves distractions and technology provides this and puts it at our fingertips every single day.

One way to stop this from ruining intimacy in your marriage is to make your bedroom a technology-free zone. No TV’s, no tablets, no phones…nothing. That way, that distraction is no longer an issue at all.

Not Dressing to Impress

Not this doesn’t mean that you have to dress to the nines to get the eye of your spouse, but if you’ve given up caring in how you look and present yourself, that can take a negative toll on your intimacy level.

And we get it, it can take time and be more stress to your plate. But instead of looking at it in a negative manner, try and view it as a way that is positive. Take the time to get dressed every day instead of wearing your pj’s and put on some lipgloss as well. You’ll find that your spouse will take notice and you’ll feel better about yourself, too!

Speaking Harshly to Your Spouse

Words hurt. Period. And if you or your spouse have a bad habit of just spouting out harmful words, there’s a good chance that the attraction to one another is going disappear.

Being married means that you’re supposed to build each other up, not tear each other down. Think before you speak and if you need time to calm down, take that alone time as needed.

Don’t let these 4 items above ruin the intimacy in your marriage. Now that you’re aware of them and have a general idea of how you can combat them, you can plan ahead and do what it takes to bring intimacy back to your marriage with ease!

Naked And Not Afraid

Below is a resource that we’d highly recommend if you and your spouse are struggling with intimacy in your marriage. It is written by two of our dear friends who are both Pastors and have a beautiful view on the marriage bed.

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