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7 Ways to Get Books for Free or Cheap

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 Are you an avid reader? I am. My absolute favorite thing to be doing is to be reading in a cozy spot with a big old blanket on top of me! Do you skip from book to book, or read one cover-to-cover before moving on to the next? Regardless of your reading habits, everyone loves to find great books at a fantastic price. Not sure how to find your next book without breaking the bank? Here are 7 ways to get books for free or cheap.

7 Ways to Get Books for Free or Cheap

7 Ways to Get Books for Free or Cheap

1. Head to the library.

It goes without saying that a library is a wonderful place to visit when looking for your next book. As long as you have a library card you can check out an unlimited number of books at no cost. Just make sure to return them on time to avoid late fees. Libraries also provide access to eBooks for your e-reader. Talk to your librarian or visit their website for information on how to borrow books electronically. This option is great for travel. …No stacks of books to pack and a whole library at your fingertips!

2. Do an online search for freebies.

A quick online search will lead to book freebies (often available for a limited time.) This typically applies to eBooks. These deals can be accessed by following the directions on the retailer’s website. A great one to try is Amazon Kindle freebies! The nice thing about Kindle freebies is that you don’t have to have a kindle to read them! No Kindle, no problem! Just download their FREE Kindle Reading App HERE.

3. Have book chats with friends (and then swap.)

If you enjoy reading, chances are that your friends do too. Next time you’re visiting with a friend ask what she’s reading and if she‘d recommend it. Share with her what’s on your reading list. If you’re interested in one another’s books, then agree to swap when you’re finished. This will give you topics of conversation for your next visit, while giving you free access to a large variety of books.

4. Check out a neighborhood garage sale.

Garage and rummage sales are fantastic places to look for books! You often can find the classics intermixed with children’s books, mysteries, etc. There are often books available that cater to any type of reader, all at 10 or 25 cents (or so) each!

5. Take a look at a thrift store.

Thrift stores are another fun place to look for books. While it may seem that the variety of books tends to be a bit more dated, there are also treasures that can be found. Going to the thrift store with nothing particular in mind can lead to all sorts of fun reading discoveries.

6. Buy used.

Used book stores are a great way to find inexpensive books. Often organized by genre for easy reference, you can peruse a large quantity of pre-owned books and purchase them for a much smaller cost than if you were to buy them new. When looking at Amazon or other online book retailers, choosing the “used” option will also help to decrease the amount you spend. Some online retailers of used books will help you to get a feel for what you’re purchasing by sharing the condition of the book with you before you click “buy.”

7. Look into book clubs for kids’ books.

Does your child bring book club order forms home from school? Have you ever taken a close look at them? There are some great deals! While some books, games and kits can be more expensive, each order form has a handful of books priced at or around $1.99. Selecting those titles for your child will help him/her to have greater access to books while keeping it at a reasonable cost.

Have you found ways to get books for free or cheap? Please share your tricks of the trade!

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