Zac & Abby Sunderland Documentary Review {& Giveaway}

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Zac and Abby Sunderland documentaries

Do you like inspiring films? Do you like to be challenged? Then I want to tell you about three of the most thrilling and inspiring documentaries that my family and I have ever watched by WorldWind Productions: Intrepid The Zac Sunderland Story 1, Intrepid The Zac Sunderland Story 2, and Wild Eyes The Abby Sunderland Story. These thrilling documentaries are about two phenomenal young homeschooled young adults, Zac and Abby Sunderland, who both attempt to sail around the world solo. One thing I love about these documentaries and the bravery of these children is that it is a testament to how homeschooled children are able to have the world as their classroom and are not confined by traditional education. The documentaries are comprised of interviews, real life footage at sea, and some off shore footage of their amazing journeys at sea.

These inspiring films have won several awards including:

  • Director’s Choice for Best Documentary at the San Diego Christian Film Festival
  • Audience Best Choice Best Documentary at the Big Bear International Film Festival
  • Best First Time Director (Laurence Sunderland) at the Silent River Film Festival

Intrepid: The Zac Sunderland Story

My family and I were vacationing in the German Alps when we decided we wanted to watch part 1 of Zac’s story. Truthfully, we knew it would be interesting simply because of the subject matter – but what we didn’t realize is that our family would skip an afternoon on the mountain to watch both parts 1 and 2 of Zac’s story!

Zac Sunderland at the tender age of 16, set out to sea all by himself in an attempt to become the first young person to sail around the world alone. And the amazing thing is: He did it. Zac’s 13-month journey at sea was filled with trials and triumph that came in the forms of facing fears, loneliness, dealing with sea pirates, mechanical failures, storms at sea, and much more. It was so fascinating to see how a young man at his age was able – through Christ – to overcome all of the things that were thrown at him on his solo journey of 27,827 miles sailing around the world.

Another beautiful thing that we witness while watching both of Zac’s DVD’s were the absolute love and connection he has with both his father and mother. It was so refreshing to see a father that loved his son and supported him in his dream, doing everything that he could to keep his son’s dream a reality. And his mother, Marianne, is just an all around supportive wife and mother. I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like to have her oldest out at sea alone, but still having to care for and homeschool all five of her other children, as well as be a wife and keeper of the home. The love this family has for Jesus coupled with the love they have for their son is sure to minister to the hearts of any parent or child.

I believe that these DVD’s can really bless the heart of children that are tweens through teens because they show that no matter how hard life can be, God is always there to pick you up and keep you going.

You can visit Zac on his blog:

Wild Eyes: The Abby Sunderland Story

This documentary was of particular interest to our tween daughter. She has been going through many challenging times in her life and just wanted to know that someone else out there understood hardships – particularly a female. So it was with eager and great anticipation my daughter, husband, and I sat to watch Abby’s story. We were already so intrigued by her big brother’s story that we thought we had an idea what to expect, but boy were we wrong! Abby has a totally different personality and journey that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Abby has always loved to sail. Growing up she was on the water since she could remember. Abby, like her brother, Zac, had the dream to sail around the world solo. And through lots of prayer, patience, and preparation, this dream became a reality. As Abby set out to sail the world, she got a lot of attention because she was only 16 years old. Abby shows phenomenal strength, faith in God, and determination as she sets off on an adventure that would nearly take her life. Thankfully, because of God’s protection, Abby’s preparation and knowledge of sailing, and the prayers and support of her family and team – Abby was able to come home in one piece.

Although Abby’s dream was cut short by a rogue wave, she never once regretted her decision to attempt to sail around the world alone. Her journey was one that only brought her closer to God and made her even more determined to achieve what it is that God has called her in this life to do.

Just as with Zac’s journey, the Sunderland family continued to bless us with their love and support for one another, truly a blessing in today’s world to see a family of faith pull together and overcome the odds.

Our tween daughter was inspired and refreshed to continue to fight the good fight of faith in her own life after viewing this documentary. A great watch for any family!

Abby also wrote a book published by Thomas Nelson: Unsinkable: A Young Woman’s Courageous Battle on the High Seas

You can visit Abby on her blog anytime at:

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