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Why Praying for Your Marriage Works

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If you haven’t been intentionally praying for your marriage, may we gently nudge you to start doing so now. There are so many benefits to praying for your marriage and we are here to (show and) tell you that prayer works. Keep reading for our top reasons why praying for your marriage works for the good!

Praying for Your Marriage

How should I pray for my marriage?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to praying for one’s spouse and marriage. You don’t need to be super spiritual with it, be in a certain position, or do anything extra special.

In its simplest form, prayer is communication with God and you can talk to Him just like you are talking to one of your friends. Although He is Holy, Mighty, and Perfect – you don’t need to be all of those things to talk to Him or let your requests be made known to Him.

If you have a praying spouse, one of the easiest ways to get started praying for your marriage is by setting aside time each day to pray together. This can be in the morning or before you go to bed at night. If you don’t have a praying spouse, then choose a time of day that works best for you.

You can also pray in different ways – aloud, silently, journaling, etc. The overall goal is to become comfortable with praying God’s Word over your role as a wife/husband, your marriage, and your future together.

5 Reasons Praying for Your Marriage Works (for the GOOD)

There’s no doubt that the Word of God is powerful and life-changing. Keep reading to learn why praying for your marriage works for the good.

Praying for your marriage is a humbling experience.

Whether or not you are praying with your spouse, when you voice your concerns and struggles to the Lord, it can begin to humble you. By opening up about the things that are stressful, worrisome, tempting, and the like, you are allowing God to work in those areas. Your spouse will also be made aware of how to help as well.

Praying for your covenant can increase trust with your spouse and God.

Sometimes spouses refuse to pray for or with one another because there are underlying trust issues. When you decide to open up about this, you are not only building trust, but also intimacy between you and your spouse and you and God. This also goes hand-in-hand with being vulnerable and accepting/giving grace.

Praying for your marriage can strengthen the bond with your spouse.

There is something supernatural that happens when couples come together and intentionally pray for their marriage. The Word of God comes alive and brings two people closer and closer together. There is added strength and unity when two people fight for their marriage together (because we all know the enemy seeks nothing more than to steal, kill, and destory unions of God).

Praying for your covenant can change you (and your spouse).

Although there may be times when you’d love nothing more than to change your spouse yourself, prayer is a gentle reminder that we all need changing. And instead of focusing on changing your spouse your way, allow prayer and the power of God to change you. Over time, you’ll notice changes in yourself and your spouse.

Praying for your marriage reminds you (and your spouse) that God is in control.

Besides it being a humbling experience, prayer is also a great reminder of Who is in control. In our human and finite minds, we can get in our flesh and want to control things; however, God has always been and will always be in control. We need to accept it and always seek to keep Him in His rightful place, and prayer does just that!

Final Thoughts

Praying for your marriage works and has many benefits, but the ones above are some of the top ones. We encourage you to be intentional about praying over yourself, your spouse, and your marriage union in general. Every marriage experiences hardships, setbacks, and happy times – and regardless, having prayer in your life can make these times much better.

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