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10 Reasons Every Mom Needs a Planner

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Every mom needs a planner. There. I said it.

With the modern mom taking on the role of so many important jobs it’s no wonder we need to find a way to manage it all. While one may like to think a mom can carry that Super Mom title, truth be told, those we deem as super moms have tools they utilize to make their day run smoother. One of those tools is a planner. Having a planner is a large key to keeping up with the day-to-day responsibilities to make them all more manageable.

Today I am going to discuss why every Mom needs a planner and share my favorite planner that has helped me keep everything together the past 16+ years as a wife and mom. It is my hope that you can see the true benefit behind using this tool to manage your day.

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Side note: Please keep in mind that when you plan you should plan with flexibility in mind as life is not scripted. This has helped save my sanity over the years as I allowed for “life” to happen while still focused on accomplishing the tasks important each day.

10 Reasons Every Mom Needs a Planner

  1. Saves Time – Having a planner by your side during the day can assist in ensuring you save precious time in trying to recall what you have to do that day.
  2. Creates Structure – Many moms function best when they have some organization behind the chaos they call life; a planner can turn chaos into structure.
  3. Increases Productivity – Knowing what needs to be done ahead of time allows for you to be a more productive mom and in turn helps you prioritize your day.
  4. Saves Money – A planner can be your best sidekick when out grocery shopping and running other errands. Simply add a list of items you need inside the planner and strictly adhere to your list with every shopping trip.
  5. Saves Sanity – Every mom loses it once in a while, after all no one is perfect. Having a planner can help mom remain sane and positive in a life full of demands.
  6. Achieve Goals – Using your planner to note goals periodically throughout the month and year allows you to have a visual on what goals remain important to you throughout each day. This is something that I am very big on and love measurable goals so I can continue to improve gradually in each area of my life.
  7. Weekly Check-ins – A planner allows you to see first-hand what you have accomplished, or not accomplished each day. This weekly check-in can help you remain accountable, motivated, and focused on what you need to do next.
  8. Quick Reference – Having a planner is a great resource to use for a quick reference for what you have to do each day. It helps you start your day right by prioritizing the day’s events within the planner.
  9. Always on Time – No more being late to that sporting event or band rehearsal for the children. With your planner you can easily know firsthand what events you must be at each day and allow the margin of time necessary to get there on time.
  10. Remain Organized – When all else in life seems out of control, your planner will keep you feeling organized and in control of your daily life which can decrease stress levels. While nothing ever goes as planned, it’s still better to have a game plan than to “wing” it; that’s for sure!

There are so many benefits for moms who use a planner in their daily life. I hope that this list of 10 reasons will help inspire you to purchase your own planner today so that you can start feeling organized, relaxed and reap all of the positive benefits that come when you use a planner.

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