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6 Ways to Make Freezer Cooking Fun

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Looking for some tips to make freezer cooking fun for the family? Here are 6 tips that can help!

Freezer cooking is a fantastic way to cut down dinner prep time during your busy week. It is a great way to save money, save time, and alleviate the need for fast food due to not having anything ready for dinner (again). By having meals ready to go in the freezer, you are ensuring that you can feed your family whole foods with ease.

And as you know, there is nothing more important than time together with the family. The 6 tips below are going to show you ways to make freezer meal prep fun as you work together to get it done.

6 Ways to Make Freezer Cooking Fun

1. Have the Kids Make Labels

Every freezer cooking bag will need a label that has the recipe name and date created. Let the kids help by allowing them to create cute labels and decorating them with markers or crayons.

2. Let the Family Measure Stuff

Kids of all ages can learn how to measure ingredients. Not only is measuring a great life skill but it is also proven that learning measurement helps improve math skills, too.

Our family personally enjoys using these super handy Freezer Bag Stands. Not only do they help avoid a mess in the kitchen, but they’re great for measuring out ingredients or putting the finished meals up in a quick and tidy manner. 

6 Ways to Make Freezer Cooking Fun

3. Hold Freezer Cooking Meetings

A great way to get the entire family involved with freezer cooking and to make it fun is to let each family member select their own recipe you will prepare.

We love to let the kids choose a dish to make from these freezer meal recipe cards. Each of our children gets to pick their favorite meal card, and then we all get to enjoy delicious dinners, that are super easy to make. 

6 Ways to Make Freezer Cooking Fun

4. Let Older Kids Cook

Some recipes will require that you pre-cook meats or other ingredients on the stovetop. Let the older kids cook up those ingredients while the younger kids make labels.

5. Play Music While You Prepare

There’s nothing like some soulful music in the background as the entire family gathers to prepare these freezer meals together.

6. Research Meals Together

Take the time to look up different varieties of freezer meals together so that the entire family feels like their desires for meals are being listened to. We’d also recommend grabbing a Menu Planning Starter Kit. Not only will it streamline the freezer cooking itself, but it will give you the space to focus on spending time as a family, and making yummy meals in the process! 

Ways to Make Freezer Cooking Fun

Each of these 6 ways can help create a fun meal prep time for the entire family. This is not only fun but it will help you teach your children to meal plan, prepare food ahead of time, and save money. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your first family freezer cooking day today!

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6 Ways to Make Freezer Cooking Fun

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