12 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe Ideas

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Having delicious Thanksgiving leftover recipe ideas on hand has been a lifesaver for us over the years. The only thing better than the Thanksgiving feast is the leftovers. While we dream of our once-a-year Thanksgiving feast, the truth is that leftovers can be really boring after the first few days.

Looking for some great Thanksgiving leftover recipe ideas? Come try these 12 delicious ideas!

These delicious and tasty Thanksgiving leftover recipes are the perfect way to use up those leftovers in a unique way. Don’t let those leftovers go to waste! Next time you reach into the fridge for some leftovers, give these 12 Thanksgiving leftover recipes a try.

12 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe Ideas

  1. Leftover Turkey Soup
  2. Cranberry Sauce Muffins
  3. Cranberry Sauce Parfaits
  4. Shepherd’s Pie
  5. Breakfast Stuffing Cakes
  6. Turkey Corn Chowder
  7. Thanksgiving Pizza
  8. Turkey and Cranberry Quesadillas
  9. Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich
  10. Leftover Turkey Noodle Casserole
  11. Leftover Turkey Casserole
  12. Turkey Orzo Soup

What are your favorite Thanksgiving leftover recipes? We’d love to know!

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