Remain Faithful in the Little Things

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“…And Lord, help us to remain faithful in little things.”

The earnest and sincere words of my young adult child hit me like a ton of bricks. Just hours before I was wrestling with blog numbers, other people’s seemingly successful stats, and feeling an overall insignificance in many areas of my life. Living in a society that exalts everything self-made and big, inclusive of off-the-chart results indicative of thousands or even millions; a life committed to stewardship can get buried in the constant melee to be recognized, noticed and validated.

And yet, in God’s economy “little” is what really matters in the end.

The flower pictured above, spent all of its glory in a friend’s yard. I can’t even count the number of times, while on my way to bigger and better, I’ve failed to notice grandeur such as this. There are hundreds of opportunities each and every day in which to see God display both his glory and a reflection of heaven here on earth. The number I consistently and regularly miss is tragic. Tension and struggle within my own spirit to be noticed, validated or even rewarded is often at odds with the quiet, peaceful sums that make up a meaningful spreadsheet in God’s economy. “Give and it shall be given.” “Humble yourself and in due time, you will be exalted.” “He who is faithful in little, will be faithful in much.” No bells, whistles, pom-poms or cart and pony shows here. And yet, if you were to request that I replicate the beauty in the lily above, it would suddenly become a big, yes even impossible feat. My flesh fights against the very thing that I already possess in Christ: pure, complete and unconditional significance. I am his child. Redeemed. Wanted. Seen as perfect because He emptied the economy of heaven to rescue me.

To execute true stewardship on my part, means I practice an attitude of humility, involving a ledger sheet earthly accounting experience simply cannot grasp! It’s something I’ll be working on until the day the Lord calls me home. Until then…I’ve been blessed with 5 boys, who have been true to the very words of Jesus himself; in that they have often been the ones to lead me.

Teri is a believer in God, Family, and Community, and Lover of Leadership Education The Thomas Jefferson way.  Teri writes and also speaks about lessons learned on her educational journey with 5 rambunctious sons, ages 24 down to 11, one Hero Hubby, and celebrating day to day life with lots of humor, within the human race. Find Teri blogging at Tommy Mom | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest.

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