Treasures of the Heart {Words for Thought…}

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When my children think of treasures, they think of sunken ships, pirates and treasure chests, and of course Narnia and flying dragons! When I think of treasures, I have cherished memories of childhood, high school and precious moments spent with family, and dear friends. I also think that without God, none of it would even matter. Neither account of the word is wrong, just very different. I believe which ever definition you choose to live by, dictates how you see your life. Are you always chasing after gold and dragons, or are you content with the blessings of the heart God has given you?

I am not saying that you shouldn’t want more, maybe a little bit of pirates and treasure chests are okay. I’m asking, at the end of the day, are you happy with what you’ve been given? Do you recognize it as a true treasure or something that you will always be chasing after?

2 Kings 20:12 (NLT)
“12 Soon after this, Merodach-baladan son of Baladan, king of Babylon, sent Hezekiah his best wishes and a gift, for he had heard that Hezekiah had been very sick. 13 Hezekiah received the Babylonian envoys and showed them everything in his treasure-houses—the silver, the gold, the spices, and the aromatic oils. He also took them to see his armory and showed them everything in his royal treasuries! There was nothing in his palace or kingdom that Hezekiah did not show them. 14 Then Isaiah the prophet went to King Hezekiah and asked him, “What did those men want? Where were they from?” Hezekiah replied, “They came from the distant land of Babylon.” 15 “What did they see in your palace?” Isaiah asked. “They saw everything,” Hezekiah replied. “I showed them everything I own—all my royal treasuries.” 16 Then Isaiah said to Hezekiah, “Listen to this message from the Lord: 17 The time is coming when everything in your palace—all the treasures stored up by your ancestors until now—will be carried off to Babylon. Nothing will be left, says the Lord. 18 Some of your very own sons will be taken away into exile. They will become eunuchs who will serve in the palace of Babylon’s king.”

In this day and age, unless you fully trust in the Lord, one might tend to freak out a bit know that all he has is about to be taken away. How will you live? How will you survive? How, how, how??? Thank goodness God always has a plan for us and we do not need to wonder or ask HOW (even though asking How? is the hardest thing not to do)?
19 Then Hezekiah said to Isaiah, “This message you have given me from the Lord is good.” For the king was thinking, “At least there will be peace and security during my lifetime.” 20 The rest of the events in Hezekiah’s reign, including the extent of his power and how he built a pool and dug a tunnel[d] to bring water into the city, are recorded in The Book of the History of the Kings of Judah. 21 Hezekiah died, and his son Manasseh became the next king.

Hezekiah understood the treasures God put in his heart. Understanding and patience are wonderful treasures to have and to find. What treasures have you discovered along your journey with God? What treasures has he put into your heart? I believe he has instilled love of others and given me the great treasure of prayer for others. How incredibly blessed I am when I get to do those things! I encourage you to seek out those treasures…the ones that will always be with you where ever you may go or what ever you may do.

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