One Tip That Can Save You HUNDREDS on Your Groceries (+More)

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Everyone I know – especially in today’s economy is always seeking to save a penny when we can – specifically on groceries. While there are many ways to save on groceries, today I’d like to talk about just ONE simple step you can take that can save you hundreds of dollars each year on your groceries and other necessities you shop for.

This ONE tip can save you HUNDREDS on your grocery bill each year!

One Tip That Can Save You HUNDREDS on Your Groceries

Are you ready for it?

Simply put: Don’t buy things just because they are on sale.

What do I mean? Let me explain.

It’s no secret that retailers and grocers can “trick” us into giving them our business.  Often times they do this through their “sales”. By making the sales or coupons for multiple items, often times we are purchasing more than we need just to get a good deal. But is it really a good deal?

How To Determine If You’re Getting a Good Deal

A good deal looks different for everyone. For some people it’s just getting the item(s) they are purchasing for the cheapest amount possible. For others it is just staying on budget as a whole, not so much the individual prices. No matter how a good deal looks to you – you can ask a couple of questions to evaluate whether or not you are getting a good deal in the scope of your own personal goals.

1. Will you use what you are buying?

This is simple enough, right? Well sometimes it is hard for some to remember that if you buy something with the intention of using it, but never do (even if it’s on sale), it is a waste of money. Therefore it is not a good sale for you. This alone has saved me a lot of money when I’m tempted to buy things in bulk that I won’t even be using.

2. Are you being tricked by the numbers game?

Sometimes prices will be jacked up before the sale to make you “think” you’re getting a good deal, when in fact you are paying regular price! No kidding! I learned this in the late 70’s shopping with one of my great-grandmothers – and she was right. I see it happen all the time to this very day!

3. Can you live without it?

Seriously. It is an important question to ask. ESPECIALLY if you are trying to save for something special, this can be a huge budget drainer. If you can live without that “extra” treat for a while, then do so. It will amaze you how much money you’ll save when perusing for sale items when you realize that even though it’s a great price, you don’t need it!


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  1. Yes! I am beginning to teach my oldest about grocery shopping strategies, and how to budget for it and such. The first thing we discussed were “sales” and “coupons”. I explained to her that just because it’s on sale or there is a coupon for it – if you don’t need it, don’t get it.

    1. Smart Momma! And blessed girl to be learning it so early 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing, Marlene!

  2. By purchasing the store brand frozen vegetables we have been able to save money. it makes no sense to pay 50 or more for the same frozen veggies. I shop for big ticket items like furniture at yard sales or thrift shops because the items are usually of better quality, look for the dove tailed drawers or the seams of upholstery that will tell you if it’s worth the money. The questions I ask myself before I make a purchase are: 1. Do we need it? 2. Can we live without it? 3. Where is it going to live?

    1. Laura, those are GREAT tips! It is very smart to shop second hand for large items – and I agree about the quality! Hubby and I were able to score a solid cherry dove-tailed dresser in Germany for just 3Euro (about $5.00) at a flea market 🙂 Have a great day!

  3. Great tip! I’m not a couponer – often because I never by the products that have the most prolific coupons. If it’s something that I buy regularly and there is a coupon right there on the display – then I’ll use it. But I found that I save tons on groceries by staying away from the processed aisles and making things mainly from scratch. I buy dried beans, rice, deli meat, and quality ingredients to make our own freezer meals. And I chop and freeze my own veggies, make my own chicken broth, and buy fruits that last a long time in my fridge (oranges and apples are the main two). If I plan ahead, it doesn’t take my any more time than making processed stuff!

    1. Amen girlfriend! You are speaking my language! It can be very difficult to find coupons for the grocery items we need as well due to the fact that we hardly ever buy processed foods either (with the exception of cheese and milk). And, YES to making things from scratch and all the other wonderful pointers you gave! You are rockin’ it my friend 🙂

  4. You are absolutely right! Even if it’s a great price, you’re still spending money on it! My most important trick right now is to prioritize and limit foods that aren’t staples. So I’ve cut way back on sweets, boxed cereals, and buy almost no processed snacks. Those things aren’t filling my kids up and I can make healthier versions myself for a fraction of the cost.

    1. Great tip, Sarah! That is another HUGE one for sure. I remember when we started gradually learning how to make healthy versions of the processed foods that we used to buy, and it really really helped us maximize savings. I was actually really surprised! And yes, it feels so much better giving our babies healthier foods. Thank you for your valuable input!

    1. Oooh, we LOVE Aldi! We lived in Germany from 2011-2013 and went to the “real” Aldi all the time. It was even more fabulous in Germany 🙂 Thanks for chiming in Christy!

  5. I take a good look at my pantry and freezer and fridge before making my list for the week. I save money by using things I already have or things that will go bad in my recipes for the next week.

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