How Amazon Saves our Family Hundreds of Dollars

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Do you cringe at checkout time when your cart is full of those things that your family needs? Do you hate to pay shipping for things that you can only seem to find online? Amazon may be the answer for you! …with a wide-variety of savings programs, not to mention the ability to shop around for the best online price, Amazon can be your go-to for tremendous savings. Here is how Amazon saves our family hundreds of dollars each year.

How Amazon Saves our Family Hundreds of Dollars

How Amazon Saves our Family Hundreds of Dollars

Shopping Around
When looking for something specific, Amazon gives you a wide variety of options, both used and new, at a variety of price points. Using Amazon for home improvement needs, clothing, etc. will give you a much larger number of options and will often save you more than making the purchase at the store. Even greater savings are in store, however, if you become an Amazon Prime member.

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime is like the Sam’s Club or Costco of the online shopping world. You pay a yearly membership fee and, with it, you unlock savings only available to members. You’ll find additional savings on many of the things that you buy, as well as free shipping. Once you’ve become an Amazon Prime member, there are additional benefits available to you (ie: free music, free online streaming, free 2-day shipping, and much more), many of which are mentioned below.

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Amazon Mom
This program, available to Prime members, provides parents with 20% off diapers. Not only do you save big, your purchases can be auto-delivered to your door with free 2-day shipping (meaning less chance of running out of diapers!) The savings don’t stop at diapers, however. As an Amazon Mom member, you also receive other parent related special pricing and the opportunity to create a baby registry.

Amazon Prime Pantry
Amazon Prime Pantry, available to Prime members, is your grocery store online! Rather than taking the time and energy to do your shopping, Amazon can deliver toiletries, non-perishable foods, pet foods, health and wellness items and more to your door for a fraction of the cost of your local grocery store! Once you’ve created your first shopping list, you can refer back to it the next time you need to place an order. Like with Amazon Mom, you can also have your items auto-ship…no thought required!

Amazon Fire TV
Goodbye costly cable company! Amazon Fire TV is a box that attaches to your HDTV to bring you the most popular shows and movies. You have unlimited access with your Prime membership to their tv viewing options (plus some low-cost rentals) as well as Prime Music. At $99 for the initial cost of the box and the monthly cost of your Prime membership, your savings each year (over most cable companies) is huge! For us, making the switch was a no-brainer!

Amazon Kindle and KindleUnlimited
Amazon started off as a company known for providing books and, over the years, they have changed and grown…but the varieties of ways that they offer books has, too. If you have an Amazon Kindle, many eBooks are available to be downloaded for free. Others do cost a nominal fee. Depending upon your eBook reading habits, KindleUnlimited ($9.99/month) gives you all-access to any eBook for free. These savings are available for all…not just Prime members. And if you don’t have a Kindle, no problem. You can download the FREE Amazon Kindle App for PC, smartphone, or tablets.

Do you still like to snuggle up with a good book? If so, your Prime membership can help provide you with discounts on both used and new books.

Amazon Home Services
If you’re like us, you may need to hire out plumbing jobs, carpentry projects, etc. Amazon provides a network of Home Service providers in your area (many of whom have discounted rates!) Rather than picking a name from the phone book, going with someone backed by Amazon can help you to rest assured that the job will be done right the first time. Each service that they direct you to is backed by their “Happiness Guarantee.” The guarantee says that, if you’re not happy, they’ll make it right. Sounds like a good way to find help, right?

Over the years, Amazon has saved us hundreds and hundreds of dollars! Take a look and see how much you and your family can save by switching some of your habits.

Have you found other ways to save using Amazon? Please share your tricks of the trade!

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