Free Compound Word Book

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Free Compound Word Book


Do you have a young child in your home who is knee deep in learning about compound words? If so, this compound word book may be just what you have been looking for to make their learning about compound words a pinch more fun. Each page in this book will challenge your child to look at the picture to sound out the two different words that, when put together, create the compound word. Plus, each page has a fun image for your child to color. With my children I have found that doing 1-2 pages in this book each day is best, so that they are not overwhelmed with compound words.

Download the free My Compound Word Book.

I hope you enjoy My Compound Word Book on your homeschooling adventure!

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  1. This IS just what I needed! While my student understands compound words, this will cement the knowledge. I plan on adding a couple of blank sheets so my student can find add more found words.

    1. That is wonderful Kelly! I created this for my daughter and had her do 2 pages each school day to help drive home compound words but in a fun way outside of her core curriculum. I love your idea of adding blank sheets for finding more compound words 🙂

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