Animal Notebooking for Beginners – Endangered Animals, Pt. 1

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animal notebooking

We’ve wrapped up our notebooking series about Australian animals, so it’s time to learn about a new group of creatures. Today we’ll start a series all about endangered animals. With this fun 18-page free printable, little ones can follow their interests in learning, learn about animals, practice notebooking skills, and color pictures of exotic animals.

Meet the ring-tailed lemur from Madagascar, the black-footed ferret from North America, and the Indochinese tiger, a big cat from Asia. Each animal study includes an illustration of the animal, four pages of copywork in a large, easy-to-trace font, and a coloring page. Eighteen pages total.

Download Animal Notebooking for Beginners: Endangered Animals-Part One

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