5 Reasons Your Husband Doesn’t Listen to You

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5 Reasons Your Husband Doesn't Listen to You

Wondering why your husband doesn’t listen to you? You are not alone.

How many times have we heard husbands (or men in particular) state that they’ve learned to tune our their wives for whatever various reason they start talking about? Honestly, it’s said so frequently that it’s almost turned into a running joke between men.

Enough is enough.

As a female (and the wife), it’s important to understand what your husband is trying to say when he suddenly stops listening to you. Whether his points in not listening are valid or not, here are 5 reasons why your husband doesn’t listen to you.

5 Reasons Your Husband Doesn’t Listen To You

1. Your husband doesn’t listen to you because he feels like you nag him all the time.

If your husband feels like the only time you are talking to him is to tell him something that he’s doing wrong, then that is going to come across as nagging and he’s going to eventually start tuning you out. Speaking to your husband should be a mixture of conversation and not just full of questions or demands.

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2. Your husband doesn’t listen to you because he feels like you are addicted to drama.

Social media makes each and every one of us privy to some sort of drama. If everything going wrong in your life or the world are the only things that you’re talking to your husband about, he’s going to quickly get tired of the “sky is falling” drama that keeps getting brought up.

3. Your husband doesn’t listen to you because you don’t follow through on your promises.

If your words no longer hold any validation or action, your husband will stop listening and believing what you say. Take away this worry and concern by holding true to your promises that you are verbally making to your spouse.

4. Your husband doesn’t listen to you because he feels as though you speak to him in a disrespectful way.

It’s always a good practice to stop and listen to your tone of voice when speaking to your spouse. If it has an “edge” or comes off “sharp”, your husband is going to be on the defense and stop listening to what you are saying to him.

5. Your husband doesn’t listen to you because he feels as though you never listen to him.

While that may sound a bit childish, it happens. If your husband spends his time talking to you without getting any type of response or answers, then he isn’t going to be as invested in the stories or information that you are trying to share with him.

The reasons above may be directed towards your husband but can honestly be for either spouse to remember and acknowledge.

Being in a lifelong, committed marriage means that it takes work, to make it work. No one ever said that marriage was a walk in the park, but if you are both committed to one another and are willing to do what it takes, you’ll both have many walks in the park together for the rest of your lives.

The next time that you feel as though your husband isn’t hearing or listening to you, stop and truly listen to yourself. Would you respond to the words or tones that are coming out of your mouth? Would you happily engage in the conversation topics that you are trying to talk to him about? If your answer is “no”, then why would you expect something different from your husband?

Get the conversations flowing freely again but talking about aspects of your lives that are positive, upbeat and informative in a positive manner. You’ll be amazed how quickly your husband starts listening again once you try and make a few simple changes.

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