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15 Conversation Starters for Couples

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If you’ve spent any time in our neck of Internetland, then you know how much we love talking about conversation starters for couples. We have a post dedicated to date night conversation starters, but in this post, we want to take another route. Below are a variety of conversation topics ranging from fun and deep to goals for the future. 

15 Conversation Starters for Couples

15 Conversation Starters for Couples

General Conversation Starters

These are also known as ice-breakers. They come in handy when you’re not sure how to kick off a conversation or become nervous about awkward silence. And don’t worry, they’re not too deep… yet.

  • What are three things you’ve done in life that you’re most proud of?
  • What has been your favorite place you’ve visited or traveled to?
  • Do you have any favorite foods?

More General Conversation Questions

The questions below can be considered general, yet they are a bit more playful and fun in nature. Even still, they’ll give you an insider view of how your partner thinks and feels.

  • What’s something new you’ve always wanted to learn to do?
  • Is there anything, in particular, you like to do for special days, holidays, etc?
  • What’s your favorite season and why?

Questions for a Slightly Deeper Conversation

As you get to know your partner, you’ll probably want to know more intimate things about them. There are questions you can ask that aren’t too deep but still allow you a snippet into their personal life.

  • Do you know your love language? Would you be up for taking the test?
  • How do you handle disagreements and disappointments?
  • Are there any areas of life that you need more support in?

Spiritually-Rooted Questions

As a Christian couple, it’s important to establish a godly foundation in your relationship now. Before tying the knot, it’s a good idea to know where you and your partner stand on biblical principles and spiritual matters.

  • Would you like to share your testimony of how you came into a personal relationship with Jesus?
  • Do you have any favorite Bible verses or passages?
  • What are your beliefs about a godly marriage?

Questions About the Future

If the person you’re dating is someone you plan to spend your future with, consider getting an idea of what the future may look like. You may find that you see things similar or differently. These questions will help you see if anything needs more discussion, clarification, and/or changing.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?
  • Do you see yourself as a husband and father in the future? What would that look like?
  • What are your future goals and dreams?

Final Thoughts

Although there are many more questions you could ask your partner, these are sure to help create some meaningful conversations. As you ask your partner these questions, always be in a position to give them your full attention. Listen intently and take mental notes. The answers to these questions can give you an inside view of how your partner thinks, feels, and believes.

Also keep in mind that over time, the answers can change. As you two continue dating and hopefully join one another in a marriage covenant, you’ll have these conversations to look back on. Speaking from personal experience, good communication takes work. The earlier you learn to foster it, the better it will be in the long run. 

Never stop asking questions and getting to know your significant other. It will be one of the most cherished aspects of your relationship!

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