6 Ways to Love Your Husband

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It’s been a while since Mike wrote the popular post “6 Ways to Love Your Wife”. As we all know, marriage is a two-way street, with both man and wife putting their energy into helping the other know that he or she is loved. So in response to my husband’s ideas, here are 6 Ways to love your husband.

6 Ways to Love Your Husband

6 Ways to Love Your Husband

Show Him Respect

Respecting your husband means showing him that you value his thoughts and ideas. It also means that, when you disagree with one another, you make that a conversation between the two of you rather than sharing your frustrations with family and friends.

Respect is an important part of any marriage as, when spouses respect each other there never needs to be the concern that one is talking badly about the other. It leads to greater trust in one another and the bond that you share.

Don’t Beat around the Bush

Men don’t necessarily pick up the hints that we leave…so don’t leave them. Rather than expecting your husband to anticipate or look for clues about your needs, be direct with him. Explain to him what you need from your relationship and, if there is ever miscommunication, talk with him about it. By being open and honest, you’re closing the door to crossed-messages and hurt feelings.

By nature I am a straight shooter, so this comes very easily to me. If you aren’t a direct person by nature, that’s okay, just continue to share your heart and in time things will become more natural as you open and share your heart with your husband.

Choose What He Wants to Do (Every Now and Then)

If you’re like us, then you and your spouse probably have different interests. Doing what he wants to do sometimes is another great way to get the message across that you love him and want him to be happy. So agree to watch that football game or that action movie. If you focus on the enjoyment that he’s getting from sharing that experience with you, it will make it time well-spent and you’ll find it more enjoyable too.

Cook His Favorite Meal

One thing I love is when I’ve spent time making dinner and I can see that Mike is really enjoying what I’ve made. I find that, when I surprise him by making the things that I know he likes best, his eyes begin to sparkle…and it’s evident that he knows that I made dinner that night to remind him that I love him.

Show Him that you Value Sexual Intimacy

Sexual intimacy is a vital part of any healthy relationship. At the end of the day we often find ourselves exhausted. Making time and showing your husband that you value that physical connection with him is essential to showing him how much you love him.

So carve out that extra time after the kids are in bed or at the end of your long day to show him that your time together is important to you. It will let him know that you are still attracted to him and love him.

Pray for Him

Praying for your husband is another important way to let him know that you love him. Praying for his safety, strength and well-being will help lift your love for him up to God, as well as will help him know that he holds a special place in your heart.

Not only is it important to pray for your husband in your time alone with God, but also in time spent in prayer together. Getting into the practice of praying for him (during prayerful time spent together) will help you develop your relationship with God’s help.

Do you know of other ways t0 love your husband? Please share the ways that you show him that you care.

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