8 Ways to Stock up on Winter Clothing

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stock up on winter clothing

Before we know it the weather will be getting cooler, and the leaves will begin turning vibrant colors. Is your wardrobe ready? The shift in seasons signals the need for heavy clothing, warm coats and more. Rather than spending a fortune each year to get yourself (and your family) ready for the winter months, stocking up, a bit at a time, will save you money. Here are 8 ways to stock up on winter clothing.

8 Ways to Stock up on Winter Clothing

Hang onto your favorites

One of the first steps to creating your winter wardrobe is to put the majority of your winter clothing in storage during the winter months. At the end of the season, launder your clothes and put them into large bins. The bins can be placed in an attic or basement for the following year. Getting your clothes ready to store from one season to the next is the perfect time to weed out those that you no longer wear (and donate them) while noting what you might need to add for the next year.

Peruse thrift stores year round

Winter clothing can be found in thrift stores throughout the year. Make a point of visiting your favorite store once a month (or more) to see what pieces may be suitable for your family. Having your clothing ready to go when it starts getting chilly will mean less need to shop when items in the store are most expensive.

Check out garage sales

Garage sales are typically held during the warmer months (after all, who wants to shop in the snow?) As you shop, keep in mind what you might need when the weather cools down. Stocking up during the summer will have you set for the fall.

Shop sales (at the end of the season)

At the end of each season, stores begin to close out their merchandise to make room for new items. This is the perfect time for you to buy for the next year. Shopping for clothing that is heavily discounted or on clearance will help you stock up and save at the same time. Be cautious, however, when buying for your children to consider the sizes that they may wear next year.

Share with friends

Do you have friends whose children are around your kids’ ages? If so, create a group clothing swap. Gently (or not so gently) used clothing can be shared among the group. Kids grow quickly, and with it outgrow their clothes quickly. Sharing articles of clothing with friends means fewer items needing to be bought each year…and everyone benefits from the money saved!

Give yourself a limit

If you find that you do need to bulk up your clothes for the fall/winter, give yourself a limit on the amount of money that you spend. Having new articles of clothing is great for fashion, but can be hard on your budget. Allow yourself to splurge on some favorite items, but giving yourself a limit will help to ensure that you don’t go overboard on spending.

Shop online

Before you shop online, be sure to make sure you are saving money while shopping online by reading this post. Lots of great winter clothing deals can be found on online stores such as Amazon. When looking to boost your winter wardrobe, checking online for your needs may save you a ton, while keeping you from having to traipse (with the kids) from store to store.

Wait for In-store Sales

Are you someone who likes to try on clothing before making a purchase? If so, wait until stores advertise sales to begin purchasing your winter items. All stores want to entice you to walk through their doors to fulfill your wardrobe needs. Making sure that you wait for sales means that you’ll never pay full price for the items that you buy.

Do you have other ideas of ways to stock up on winter clothing? Please share your ideas!

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