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Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum Anatomy and Physiology

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Precepts of Anatomy and Physiology

As a homeschooling mom for more than a decade, I’ve quickly come to realize one thing: choosing the right curriculum for each student is vital to their success. And I’ve found this to be particularly true when entering into the high school years.

Our oldest child, Hannah, who is now a high school freshman has always been a very independent, gifted learner. One thing I figured out about our daughter early on is that she really needs a comprehensive structure that shows her the end goal, but at the same time gives her the ability to work through at a more advanced pace. This isn’t always an easy thing to find. Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum fits both of those needs for her.

This year Hannah also wanted to do some exploration to determine whether or not she really wants to pursue medicine in college, so we set out to find something that would be a good fit for her to test the waters. We were pleased to find that not only did Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum fit her needs as an individual, but they offer a half-credit course (can be used as AP, too) in anatomy and physiology. This course has proven to be a perfect fit for Hannah, and I’ll explain why below.

4 Reasons the Precepts of Anatomy and Physiology Course Works for our Daughter

  1. The Flexibility
    As I mentioned earlier, our daughter needs to have a curriculum that she can bend to her gifted nature. Because Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is written with this type of flexibility in mind, it is a win-win for her. The nice thing is that this curriculum can be tailored to any type of learner, and for a homeschooling mom of three, that’s a huge bonus!
  2. The Trust
    Another great thing about the structure of the Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum approach is that the students are trusted to grade their own activity questions if the teacher so desires. I really like this as I believe in high school you have to allow your student to take on the challenge of really being in “charge” of their education. By giving her this trust, it not only helps her understand the mechanics of grading from a different perspective, but it also allows her to make good choices in regard to being honest about her self-graded activity. This can give our students the confidence they need as they work their way toward becoming independent adults. (Please note: Both the quizzes and tests are graded by me so they can hold their weight on her transcript.)
  3. The Depth of Content
    In-depth course content is another big one for our daughter. The bottom line? If it doesn’t go into depth, she will lose interest very quickly. Paradigm’s Precepts of Anatomy and Physiology course did not disappoint. Although this course is just half a credit, it really covered the subject thoroughly, giving Hannah the ability to conceptualize on a deeper level. It also inspired her to pick up some medical journals at the local community college she attends (for dual enrollment).
  4. It’s Tasteful
    As a gifted student, our daughter is still at the tender age of 13 — younger than most high school students. While we’ve taught her God’s design for sex (according to our beliefs), we still do not want her to be exposed to distasteful ideas when it comes to male and female reproductive systems. Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum does a great job of keeping the section on male and female anatomy very clean yet easy to understand.

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum

More About Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum

  • This curriculum is available in physical form and digital form.
  • PAC curriculum is currently offering 3 formats to maximize learning potential for different learning styles: Print, virtual (online interactive), and audio enhanced.
  • PAC is in the process of incorporating QR codes into all of their courses, allowing the students to access extra content via smartphone. As of now, the only course with this technology is biology.

Purchasing and Generous Discounts

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum offers some wonderful discounts for purchasing their curriculum. Please see the discounts below if you are considering placing an order.

40% off for:

  • homeschool groups (minimum purchase $1000)
  • single parents

20%  off for:

  • ministry families
  • military families
  • farmers and ranchers
  • first responders
  • foster parents

Call Paradigm at 325-649-0976 for a discount code to use during the checkout process if you fit into one of these categories.

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