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Training For The Young Entrepreneur

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Training For The Young Entrepreneur

Ever since our first born could communicate, she started bartering with us. She’s always had a mind to expand territories and stretch the boundaries of conventional wisdom. By the time our daughter was two, my husband and I both recognized that our baby girl was an entrepreneur. Over the last decade (she is now 12) we have watched her formulate business ideas in her journal. However, she had not yet put any of these brilliant plans into action because she was unsure how to do so. While both my husband and I are entrepreneurs at heart, we were also unsure how to guide our daughter’s drive due to her age.

After our third child was born, we quickly realized that he was an entrepreneur at heart, just like his older sister. He is still young (only 5) but is constantly talking about all of his businesses that he will own. One of his favorite ways to play right now is to play “business man”. So here we have another child who needs some guidance and training in the area of entrepreneurship.

Enter Entrepreneur Kids Academy! This online training program for children was just what our young entrepreneur needed to give her the tools to make her businesses into a reality. And I really believe that it will bless any child that takes the course.

Encouragement For The Young Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur Kids Academy is a great source of encouragement for the young person who wants to start their own business. Here are some of the ways that this course can provide encouragement to your child:

  • Encourages Family Unity – Because the course is aimed at children and teens, the founders of the academy always include asking your parents for permission and help with certain tasks. And the excitement that your child will feel will naturally create a family dynamic of sharing and encouraging ideas.
  • Encourages Problem Solving Skills – This program gives your child the mindset that they are problem solvers needing to find problems and provide solutions for the potential clients.
  • Encourages Taking a Risk – The curriculum helps children realize that it is okay to take a risk because you never know if your plan will work until you try. It also emphasizes that failure is inevitable and doesn’t mean you should give up, rather keep trying.
  • Encourages Follow Through – I really like how the program gives the children a model to really follow through with their actions. This is exactly what our daughter was lacking. While many of her ideas require her to be 18 or older, it still gives her the framework of what she can expect to do when she is of legal age.
  • Encourages Safety – My husband and I really love this aspect of the online course. The program is constantly reminding the children to use safety precautions while on the Internet, prospecting, and with use of their personal information. These reminders serve as very sound biblical guidance for children to honor their parents.
  • Encourages Following The Law – The program reminds children (with parental assistance) to follow their local laws in regard to business licenses, permits, etc.

What You Can Expect To Receive

Entrepreneur Kids Academy

  • Entrepreneur Kids Academy Handbook with worksheets
  • A monthly Study Group call
  • A private Facebook (for both parents and children)
  • Tools & Resources (websites, etc.)
  • Bonuses (free worksheets, idea kick starters, fast-results flyer, and interviews with successful entrepreneurs)
  • Video tutorials (coming soon!)
  • The entire family can use the program with your one time purchase!

Connect With Entrepreneur Kids Academy

Win a Entrepreneur Kids Academy Course!

Entrepreneur Kids Academy is offering a FREE course (a $97 value!) to one of our Managing Your Blessings readers!

In addition to this, EKA will choose one winner to receive a special VIP Student Scholarship, which includes four private tutoring sessions with EKA about their business. They will feature this kid’s business on their blog (with parents approval), and will record a video interview with them for the Academy (with their parents permission).

Giveaway ends Tuesday, March 25th at 11:59 p.m.  Winner will be notified via email on the 26th, and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. Prize may take 4-6 weeks to receive. Please Note: If a reader purchases this program, then wins my giveaway, EKA will refund their purchase price 100%.

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  1. One of my daughters is also an entrepreneur at heart and doesn’t know where to begin & how to follow through with her ideas! What a neat program – thanks for the opportunity to win!

  2. Thanks for the chance to win! I love the ideas behind this program. I’m not sure if my oldest is old enough yet, but no reason to not plan ahead =)

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