The Benefit of Using a Running Curriculum List {With FREE Printable}

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I want to share with you a tactic that has blessed our homeschool since it’s inception in 2003. It is what I call a “Running Curriculum List“. This way of thinking has saved our family THOUSANDS of dollars on homeschool curriculum over the last 9+ years. Who can’t use a few extra dollars in their pocket year round? I know I can!

How does this work?

  • The basic gist of it is to write down EVERYTHING you are wanting for your homeschool – even if it is something you want to use 5 years from now. I have found that if I write down the things that I desire for my children and keep a running list of them, it gives me the ability to find the curriculum used for so much less.
  • I keep TWO copies of my Running Curriculum list. One at home and one folded and tucked away neatly in my purse (inside a small daily planner). This way no matter when I stumble across something, I have what exactly I am looking for handy.
  • I write down the curriculum name and edition, cost (new), grade level, and how many. With this list ALWAYS handy, if I come across a used book store and happen to find something on my list – I know whether or not my savings are significant enough or not to purchase this item. This method saved me just under $150 on a purchase just this past year!
  • I have created a free printable that shows you exactly how I do this and how I organize my list.

Where can you find my list?

Click here to download and print my Running Curriculum list.


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Happy Savings!!


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  1. That is great! I am so glad to hear someone else who has an idea of where and what they want to use in the future. I thought this was a sign of my obsession with books. LOL I like to plan out having three boys spread 4 years each we will cycle through and back a few times. With so much to teach them about our world I don’t want to miss anything and you just can’t get it all in one year!

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