Homeschooling, From A Father’s Perspective – Reflection

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As I reflect upon the amazing men and women who helped forge this nation, it triggers a memory of my daughter Princess reading a book about George Washington Carver. Because of my African American heritage, I knew of him and immediately I pictured him in my head. But truly, at the time, I did not know he was such an influential man in the scientific community nor did I know about the essence of his godly character.
Let me pause for one moment and explain how I learned about this man called George Washington Carver. 
My wife Carlie has always taken the initiative to read the assigned books that H has to read, so she could ensure that Princess is learning something from her books. It takes an awesome and caring mother to take the additional time needed to be able to have a good discussion about the assigned book at hand. How many mothers or fathers take the time to truly review the lesson you have selected for your child to learn? It shows your children that you not only want them to retain knowledge but also to engage your child in a good discussion about the person/content from the book. 
Children respond better and have no problem sharing their heart and mind with their parents if their parents have taken the time to win their child’s heart. This is not easy because there are so many distractions and excuses around us trying to “steal” our time and attention. My wife took the time to share with me all the amazing things that George Washington Carver did in his life time. He was an ordinary man that trusted God in using him to utilize peanuts for many amazing things. Most of all, he was a man of integrity that did not let the limits the world placed on him (racial, socioeconomic status, etc) deter him from believing and seeking God. I will not go into depth with his God given accomplishments, but know this; it takes a real man or woman fully dedicated to God and family to go above and beyond in engaging their children with their assigned academics. 
My wife does not have to take the time to read all the books she does. She could have just assigned them out to Princess and went about her business. Instead she always goes the extra mile and brings something to the table within her many life experiences. This teaches Princess that her mother cares more about her understanding from the book than her memorizing a few highlights about the book.
It takes commitment and dedication to show diligence to our children. If they see their parents going above and beyond, while walking in excellence, it will challenge them as well. A good parent will do WHATEVER it takes to win the heart of their child on a daily basis. Yes there will be days that the child gets over on you or you momentarily lose the power of influence. But remember this: Battles are won and lost on a daily basis, but the outcome of that war relies upon you sowing the necessary good seeds into your child’s life every single day. I am not saying for us parents to manipulate or control our children; but instead sow into prayerfully reading the Bible daily and find out what the living Word reveals to you about each child and their individual needs. Each child has a different call and assignment from God, so what might work for one child will not work for another in our family. 
Men this is where we come in and seek God like never before. Stop trying to put it off on your wife to do. We as men are called to lead our entire family in prayerfully studying the Bible daily. No more excuses. See the Bible as the answer for all problems, and as a lifeline for you and your family’s growth spiritually, mentally, and physically which can only be done with and through Jesus.
Father’s and mother’s: I challenge you today to reflect on what it means to have the privilege to home educate your children. To take it a step further, I challenge you to reflect on the great honor it is to assist God in shaping your child to fulfill God’s purpose for them on this Earth and taking the necessary steps to see it through. God loved both you and I enough to see “it” through the day His Son Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Let’s not be selfish in our stewardship with our children. Let’s win their hearts and build them up: One. Day. At. A. Time.
A Father Seeking To Be More Like HIM,

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