Preschool Curriculum Review – Bugs Ebook

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I recently had the chance to review the ebook, “Bugs” published by Kid Brilliance. This book is aimed at teaching children how to identify bugs and insects for children from toddler age to kindergarten. My 4-year-old son and I had a wonderful time with this ebook. The first time we went through “Bugs” my son focused on identifying the bugs and insects he knew. Although he already knew most of them, he did learn two that he had never heard of before. After that, he wanted to learn how to spell the bug names. And for him, this was the most exciting part. We went over the bug and insect names a few times and he would just say the letters out loud learning how to spell each one. This not only boosted his confidence, but kept him engaged for at least 20 minutes. Once we had finished the spelling, he colored his favorite insect page and walked away one happy boy.

I would highly recommend this ebook to anyone with children ages 2-5. The book is just the perfect length and gives the children many things to do outside of identifying the bugs and insects. It is also a bonus that they have two pages for each bug/insect: one to show you what it is and the other is a coloring page to help reinforce what they have learned. As mentioned above, you can also use this book to help with letter recognition, phonics, and reading as well. Without hesitation I give this ebook 5-stars as it exceeded my expectations!

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I received this download complimentary in exchange for an honest review but the opinion in this review is all mine.

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