Faith Deployed…Again – A Review & Giveaway

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I was blessed to have the opportunity to review the book Faith Deployed…Again by Jocelyn Green. Being married to an active duty Army soldier myself,  in the midst of experiencing our 5th long combat tour, the pages of this book hit home. Faith Deployed…Again is a collection of devotional style stories written by more than 25 women from every branch of the U.S. military. For those of us who have been through deployments, whether one or ten, this book has words of encouragement and hope for any type of problem you might face while your soldier is away. 

My favorite part about this book is the variety of topics the authors cover and their steadfast faith in God and usage of scripture to help us on this sometimes lonely journey of being a military wife. The many topics covered include: fear, sadness, PTSD, insecurity, bitterness, submission, forgiveness, how to have joy, serving others, and just about any other topic you can imagine. This book covers it all.

It is my absolute belief that any wife going through a deployment should pick up a copy of this book to keep on their nightstand. I know for me, being that we have been through 4 long deployments prior to this one, that I ALWAYS need encouragement through the word of God and prayer to keep our focus on Him. 

Although this book is written specifically for military wives and the unique struggles we face, I would recommend this book for any woman that is married. As the title suggests, our faith must be deployed in order for it to be put into motion in our lives. Christian or not, this book will empower your life in ways that only the word of God in action can. I would encourage you to not only pick up a copy for yourself, but also for a friend or loved one who doesn’t yet know Jesus. This book is a great tool to not only encourage those of us already walking with Him, but for those who are seeking refuge from their storms and need the love of God to comfort them.

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