Happy Birthday TO ME!

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Normally I would NEVER publicly announce that it is my birthday, BUT, this year my husband who is currently deployed to Afghanistan blessed me and I want to tell the whole world about it 🙂 AND, I want him to be able to see how much he blessed me – and the only way to do this is blog about it!

In the 8 years my husband has been active duty Army, this is the 5th birthday of mine I have spent without him due to long combat tours overseas. To be quite honest, I am not really too sentimental so it hasn’t bothered me too much that he missed it. However, my husband is very sentimental and this year totally surprised me with some fabulous birthday gifts! And I just had to share as I love my husband dearly and am so honored to be married to someone who truly loves Jesus with all their heart! And because he loves God so much, it translates into loving me and our children in a phenomenal way – first through actions, then through words!

Here are the gifts I received for my birthday from my dear hubby:

Wowza! An iPad 2 🙂

He had chocolates delivered to me in Germany 🙂

Mmmmm….these were GOOD!

Awww…he sent me flowers 🙂

The children made me my favorite cake!
German chocolate with pecan icing!

I am so grateful to have such an amazing husband who can make me feel special, even all the way from Afghanistan! LOVE YOU Michael! And so blessed to have such precious beautiful babies that make life so much more exciting, fun, and happy!

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