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When You Need to Grow Together in Faith

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It has always been important to me to grow together in faith with my husband. Early in our marriage we often read the same passage of Scripture and discussed it when we were home together. On Sundays, we each took notes during the church sermon, then talked about what we learned. It was a special time when my faith and my attachment to my husband, grew tremendously.

Over time, though, our marriage took a wrong turn, and the growth that we experienced together slowed dramatically. His interests were tied up in his work and his desires, and I was blinded to the slow fade of our relationship.

As we worked through our issues and determined to move forward together, we both knew that many things had to change. We decided to start with our foundation – our faith.

Practical tips for when you need to grow together in faith with your spouse.

When You Need to Grow Together in Faith

1. Prayer

Prayer became the foundation of our renewed growth. We shared our requests with each other, we prayed before going to sleep, and sometimes just at random times when we needed prayer.

Spending time sharing our requests and praying together served to deepen our faith. However, taking time to talk and making time to focus on praying for each other helped us grow together as a couple.

One of my favorite things about my husband is his willingness to pray for me. Whether I’m sick, having a bad day, or experiencing a tough situation, he is always quick to sit with me and pray for me. It has made a difference in my faith to see answered prayer from our times together.

2. Bible Study

This one has been a bit tougher for us. There have been times when I have longed to study God’s Word together with my husband. He’s had a lot of changes in his life, though, and I’ve had to wait through some of his growing pains.

However, we are currently at a sweet place of wanting to spend time learning about the Lord together. We purchased a couple’s devotional Bible that has a short devotional and Scripture reading, and questions that we discuss together. This has been a tremendous blessing to me because it’s a time where my husband has intentionally taken the lead. He has gently led in our times together, providing answers for my questions and different ways to think about concepts that are challenging.

3. Speak of God’s Deeds

During the time that my marriage was struggling, I clung to Psalm 71:14 –

As for me, I will always have hope;
I will praise you more and more.

As our marriage started to grow again, God took me to the next verse –

My mouth will tell of your righteous deeds,
of your saving acts all day long –
though I know not how to relate them all.

Speaking the goodness of God’s work in my life and my marriage lets me live in truth. It also helps me encourage and support my husband. Holding onto hope (verse 14) lays the foundation for seeing God work, for witnessing His mighty deeds. As my husband and I share of God’s righteousness, we provide hope and encouragement to each other.

Growing together in faith has the added benefit of growing together in your relationship!

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