Encouragement for Christian Wives eBook

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Encouragement for Christian Wives is a book written with today’s Christian woman in mind. Every generation has their own unique battles when it comes to fighting for their marriage and there are also some age-old battles that find their way into the modern marriage. Instead of allowing the enemy to steal our joy and rob us of the marriage God intends us to have, we need to encourage one another to take a stand in both the spiritual and natural realm and fight for our marriages!

Encouragement for Christian Wives

Encouragement for Christian Wives

With 30 of the most amazing Christian women bloggers on the web – Encouragement for Christian Wives: 30 wives share their wisdom is full of the encouragement, grace, and the wisdom you need to continually nourish and grow your Christ-centered marriage. This book is adapted from our popular
31 Days to a Better Marriage (Spring 2015) series.

Inside of this book you can expect to glean wisdom about the following:

  • advice for the wife who wants to stay with her husband after hard circumstances
  • the truth about God’s design for sex in Christian marriage
  • how to fight and resist temptation in your marriage
  • tips to help save your pastor’s marriage
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T in marriage
  • the importance of speaking well of your spouse
  • protecting your military marriage
  • should your kids or your marriage take priority?
  • celebrating differences rather than letting them divide your marriage
  • praising God through the heartbreak of divorce
  • tips for successful, lifelong marriages
  • how to embrace and enjoy your sexuality in marriage
  • learning to love your husband God’s way
  • how to build trust in your marriage
  • and much, much more!


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