Mom & Me Book Review: Big Sister Babysitter

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MOM & ME Book Reviews: These reviews will be focused around Christian/wholesome books for children. They will be done as a daughter mom duo so the reader will gain insight from both an adult and pre-teen child. These reviews will be very unique in nature and I am grateful to God for birthing this concept in my heart!

Both Princess and I are honored to review the Big Sister Babysitter book for the author and my readers. Okay, let’s get to business!

Princess’ Video Review:

Mom’s Review:

Big Sister Babysitter is a fiction book based off a true story targeted at girls ages 9-12. The main character, Lake Ashley Payton (better known as L.A.) is a young, very spirited 4th grade girl who lives with her mom and step-dad John. One day L.A. finds out some news that she is not too happy about: She is going to be a big sister. The books takes a real life look into the struggles that an older (specifically only child) sibling can go through emotionally once they realize that a new baby will join the family. Big Sister Babysitter also gives some insight into a modern Christian blended family and how through their faith in God – they are able to bridge the gaps that could have possibly torn the family apart if not for their faith in Jesus. Another important character in the book is L.A.’s step-brother, Sky. Sky does not live with his dad and new family, but does visit them often enough that he and L.A. have a wonderful relationship. The beautiful thing is how their relationship is based in Christ and Sky serves as a big encouragement for L.A. during her time of emotional distress. When the baby (Caleb) is prematurely born, the family finds themselves again at a place where they need their faith in God to carry them through. With the help of the scriptures, prayer, and extended family – they not only carry through but grow stronger together. In the end, L.A. finds herself loving the baby more than she could have ever imagined and promises to “protect him” once he is home from the hospital; a stark contrast from the jealousy that she had as the journey began.

Big Sister Babysitter is a wonderful and refreshing book in a genre lacking volume of relevant books for our young Christian girls today. If you have a child that is reading at a 9-12 year old level, then this book would be a great story to show how through Christ Jesus we are able to conquer all things! It is probably more suitable for a young girl, but would recommend this story to anyone who has a child struggling with the addition of a new baby to the family!

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