Lego Math Facts: Hands-On Learning

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Last time, I showed you a way to illustrate fractions using Lego building bricks or Duplo building blocks. This week, I’d like to show you another way to use building bricks to practice math facts.

Why? Because it’s great for wiggly learners. It’s great for remembering. It works from Pre-K right through to upper elementary, when adjusted to age. It’s good for motor skills. And it’s way more fun than a worksheet.

Here’s how I do it with my kids:

For the very youngest, I challenge them to form a number out of Duplo bricks.


lego number 7

For K-2, I make part of a math fact and challenge them to create the answer out of Duplo bricks.

lego addition

For older kids, you can use smaller Lego bricks and ask them to illustrate a particular multiplication fact.

lego math fact 2

This can keep them busy for hours, and they retain the information while having fun. What more could a parent want?

Guest Post By: Erin @ The Usual Mayhem

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