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As a seasoned homeschool mom of three, one thing I know for sure: If you aren’t organized, you are setting yourself up for failure. In an effort to continue to stay organized and continue to plan each school year I am always on the lookout for new homeschool planners. This year I came across the Homeschool Planet online homeschool planner and it really piqued my interest. I immediately signed up for the 30-day free trial to see if this planner would work well for our upcoming homeschool year.

I have various planning needs as I homeschool early elementary through high school students. So when I say that I am quite demanding of a homeschool planner, I am not kidding. I need the flexibility to go from planning simple reading and grammar lessons to lessons that will help our oldest child get into the college of her choice. And of course there are all the extra-curricular activities and other enrichment opportunities. And then there is real life stuff like doctor appointments, grocery shopping, being a work-at-home mom and….well you get the picture.

Today I am going to share with you why we are choosing Homeschool Planet to plan out our homeschool this year and why it is the best online homeschool planner out there.

Why Homeschool Planet is the Best Online Homeschool Planner

While Homeschool Planet has a slew of fabulous features (we’ll learn about those in a bit), let’s discuss some of the amazing benefits of actually utilizing this amazing online homeschool planner.

1. It was created with the busy work-at-home mom in mind. While this planner is not exclusively for work-at-home moms, I can see that we were a consideration in it’s overall functionality and design. This planner can handle way more than just your homeschool scheduling. This planner is equipped to handle “life” and with a click of a button you can add things to your schedule such as: project deadlines (for work), chores, appointments, vacations, birthdays, and holidays. Now that is smart! I not only needed a planner that can accommodate my family’s diverse schedule, but I really needed ONE place to have it all. And Homeschool Planet is that place.

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2. It saves me a lot of time. I have a lot to juggle and I am always looking for ways to streamline my planning process to gain more time in any capacity possible. With this planner I am able to plan my homeschool, write my shopping lists, get my daily Bible verse, text and email assignments to our high schooler, and even check the weather! Those features alone have already shaved off about 10-15 minutes from my day!

3. It’s paperless. For me, this is huge. I have tried nearly every planner under the sun. I’ve enjoyed using many of them, but none of them ever felt “complete”. By nature I am a paper and pencil gal, but with three students, I wanted to write less and plan more. And honestly with three students, the paper trail could use some condensing. This planner not only gives me the ability to keep it all stored online, I can easily print off anything I want with a click of a button.

4. I can use it on-the-go via mobile! I know I am preaching to the choir on this one. I love to be productive while waiting for the children at basketball or dance and having a mobile version of the site to help with our homeschool planning gives me the ability to be more productive! This will be especially helpful for our oldest child who is a sophomore this year as our community is always providing some amazing enrichment opportunity for her so I can easily add them while out.

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5. I can easily plan my entire homeschool day, month, or year without confusion. I’ve had some planners in the past that were a little confusing. Homeschool Planet is so easy to use and the user interface and navigation are very logical and well thought out. I love that there is little to no learning curve on this product as my time is valuable – and the designers of Homeschool Planet respect that!

6. Built-in capabilities to email or text my oldest student her lessons. Since our daughter is a busy high school student with a lot on her plate, I am so thankful to have a built-in feature to help my daughter stay on target with weekly and daily agendas. This feature is also a great check-and-balance for me as well when my schedule seems to have my head spinning. It never hurts to have my plan online, in my inbox, and in my text inbox!

7. The built-in flexibility is bar none. Another reason why Homeschool Planet is the best planner out there. We all know that a plan always looks great on paper – but the reality is that very rarely do things go according to plan! For us homeschoolers, we really need something that will be flexible to accommodate the days when people aren’t feeling well or unexpected enrichment opportunities pop up. This planner gives you the ability to easy shuffle things around and automatically adjusts and repopulates the programmed assignments to fit the new schedule. It’s brilliant!

How Homeschool Planet Can Benefit Your Homeschool

I really believe that it would be in your best interest to give Homeschool Planet a try and with a 30-day free trial, what have you got to lose? Nothing! And truthfully I think you’ll thank me for it (smile). Watch this video to learn about the amazing features you can expect to use when using Homeschool Planet.

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