How We Earn Free Christmas Gifts

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Today is the 5th and final post in my 5 Days to a Debt-Free Christmas series and I will be sharing with you how I have been earning free Christmas gifts for my family every year for over a decade. That’s right, free!

Looking for ways to earn free Christmas gifts? Here are some strategies we've been using for nearly 20 years!

How I Earn Free Christmas Gifts Every Year

This might sound like a sales gimmick “FREE Christmas gifts!” with some really small writing in a tiny, unreadable text that no one ever sees. But it’s not. In addition to all the previous strategies I’ve shared in this series, I am going to share with you exactly how I have managed to earn free Christmas gifts for our family and friends year after year. I think you’ll be quite surprised how easy it is to do so.

Earning Free Amazon + Starbucks Gift Cards

Every year I am amazed at how many free Amazon and Starbucks gift cards I earn just for using Rakuten and Ibotta! I am able to earn several gift cards to Amazon each month just by using Rakuten and Ibotta to save money! (You can earn other gift cards, too, those are just the ones that I prefer.)  

Yes! You read that right. I am using these apps to save money all while earning cash for gift cards (and many other things).

I gather these gift cards throughout the year and add them to my Amazon account. Whenever I shop on Amazon I always have credit so I rarely ever have to use my own money (unless it is a big-ticket item which is something we rarely buy on Amazon). This is such an amazing blessing for our family as we love to be able to bless others and this gives us a way to do so without breaking the bank!

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Earning Cash Back When I Shop Online

While there are a few options to earn cash back, Rakuten is by far my favorite. I’ve been earning cash on my purchases through Rakuten since 2001. This is my favorite site to earn cashback. When you sign up to become a Rakuten member, all you have to do is link through their website to earn a certain percentage (up to 25%) cash back on your online purchases. In 2013, our family earned just over $1,500 through Rakuten. The purchases we made were things that we needed so this was a huge blessing for our family! You get paid quarterly either by Paypal deposit or a paper check, it’s your choice. This has made it so that we always have cash flow when we want to celebrate Christmas by giving a tangible gift and of course to buy gifts or experiences for a child’s birthday.

Sign up for Rakuten and start earning cash back today!

Earning Cash Back When You Grocery Shop

Our family has learned over the years that while we can go to the grocery store, it’s wiser to have others shop for us. We save so much time (and sanity) by using the Walmart Grocery Pick-Up and Walmart Grocery Delivery (which is free with our Walmart Plus membership). 

We earn maximum benefits when we use our Walmart Plus membership while shopping through the Ibotta app. Ibotta app pays us cashback for special offers they have at Walmart grocery (can use with other stores too). The offers vary from fresh fruits and vegetables to bread to our favorite baked goodies. There are numerous ways to earn and we use these earnings to stack up even more Amazon gift cards to use for Christmas shopping.

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Celebrating Christmas Debt-Free

These are three of my most favorite and least time-consuming ways to earn free gifts for our family every single year for Christmas. It is such a blessing to have the extra cash to be able to shop year-round for Christmas (and birthday) gifts because we always have an influx of cash waiting for us! And the best part of it all? Celebrating Christmas debt-free. Free from all the traps of commercialism and interest rates, free of guilt, and free of the looming stress that debt covers everyone who is subject to it’s trap.

I hope that this series has helped you in some way to realize how important it is to celebrate the season of Christ’s birth with total peace and joy, and of course, debt-free!

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