When to Buy What – The Ultimate Seasonal Buying Guide

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cyclical retail sales guide

When to Buy What – The Ultimate Seasonal Buying Guide

Most consumers in America are unaware that they are being snafued (tricked) by retailers and advertisers year-round. The hype surrounding most retail stores and their sales make us believe that we are getting the best deals when they say we are. But are we really? As a 4th generation frugal-living mom, I have watched these cyclical sales for nearly 4 decades with the wisdom of my two great-grandmas, grandma, and mom whirling through my mind: Don’t be tricked by advertising, buy in the off-season.

Just to give this wisdom a modern twist – always remember if you are shopping online to use cash back sites so you can earn money back for your purchases. This is a double whammy for the savings WIN! I never ever shop online without getting paid for it!













Hopefully this list helps give you a good idea of when to buy what so you can continue to sow into a debt-free lifestyle. By buying in the off-season you are not compromising quality, but rather you are exercising self-control. Buying in the off-season is the smartest way to buy what you need (and even what you want) without having to pay full price. Happy shopping!


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