Homeschool Astronomy Review

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Homeschool Astronomy

Brief Overview

My children and I have had the privilege of reviewing Homeschool Astronomy program over the last several weeks. This full science 13-week curriculum is written for homeschooled children in grades 5th-12th and meets several states’ core requirements for science and technology.  Although our two youngest are below this grade threshold, they both thoroughly enjoye the time spent on these lessons.


One thing that is VERY important to me when choosing any science curriculum is the author/publisher world view. In this case, the author is a Christian. Here is a quote directly taken from the Homeschool Astronomy FAQ page:

Q: What is Home School Astronomy’s view on God and creation?
A: The creator of Home School Astronomy is a Christian and believes that God created the universe. These presentations honor God for his creation, and do not teach evolution. Home School Astronomy teaches astronomy from as “as is” perspective, meaning from the perspective of what we see happening right now. There are no references to age or origins.

What We Liked

  • The children really enjoyed the rich images presented in the Powerpoint slides. These images are absolutely fascinating! Coupled with these images are different facts that I read to the children. Although my oldest can do the curriculum alone, it is much more fun and interesting to the children when I read the text on the slides to them.
  • The fact that you have to read the information rather than it being read to you. I really love that the rich photographs are accompanied by text that the student actually has to read – rather than being read to them.
  • The flexibility of the program. Although it can be taught in 13-weeks doing a lesson each day – we are slowing it down a bit doing only one lesson a week. This way we can take the time to really look into each concept in depth and all of the children are really getting a lot out of it this way. And in addition, you can decide which of the 13 lessons you’d like to do in what ever order you choose. I really LOVE flexibility within curriculum as we are extremely relaxed eclectic homeschoolers and never stick to a strict traditional schedule.
  • Perfect for teaching multi-age children. As mentioned earlier, although we only have one child who is at the age the program is intended for, our preschooler and early elementary children are enjoying it and learning a lot as well.
  • Ease of use. Although the children prefer me to read the slides, it is nice as the children are able to view the slides alone and still get the maximum learning experience out of them.
  • The cross curricular activities. At the end of each unit are a series of different activities you can build upon. For instance, you might learn more about the topic through exploring it within: creative writing, current events, math, history, geography, and many other wonderful topics.

13 Lessons Consist Of

  1. The Constellations and Planets
  2. Mars – The Haunting RED Planet
  3. Tour the Solar System
  4. Big is Relative
  5. Extreme Phenomena
  6. Far
  7. Jupiter and Saturn: The Gas Giants
  8. Manned Space Exploration
  9. Pluto and the Edge of the Solar System
  10. So You think you Know the Moon
  11. The Ice Giants – Uranus and Neptune
  12. The Mighty Sun and the Cooking of Mercury
  13. The Milky Way and other Galaxies

Purchase Homeschool Astronomy

You can purchase the entire 13-week curriculum or have the option to just purchase one lesson at a time.

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Disclosure: I was provided with this curriculum for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. Period.


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  1. I think that the 3 lessons I would choose are lesson 1 – the constellations and planets; lesson 3 – tour the solar system; and lesson 13 the milky way and galaxies. I think that would give a very broad overview of astronomy. Looks like a great program!

  2. The three that I would pick are 1. So You think you Know the Moon 2.Extreme Phenomena and 3. Tour The Solar System
    Thank you.

  3. The constellations and planets, you think you know the moon and the tour of the solar system!! But I woul probably but the rest of the kit too because this looks amazing!!!!

  4. I think I would like Constellations and planets, tour the solar system, and milky way and the galaxies (or manned space travel). The last one is hard to decide.

  5. These look really wonderful. I think my choices would be:

    The Constellations and Planets
    So You think you Know the Moon
    Big is Relative

    These are really inexpensive!! Great deals!! kevinkaylaarrowood123 at yahoo dot com

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