Happen to Your Holidays

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 Happen to Your Holidays

Happen to Your Holidays

A new season is upon us, and this year I am a mom on a mission. Far too often the holidays come amidst an already busy winter season. In the midst of the busy, Thanksgiving and Christmas ideas get shelved for next year as time once again slips away.

From one busy mom to another, I know you can relate! I want to take time to enjoy the wonder of it all, to see each season through the eyes of my children, to create warm memories that will last a lifetime. To throw leaves up in the air, to see my breath on a brisk morning, to take time and see the snow glisten in the sun.  I want to be intentional; rushing through life is no way to live! I’m determined to not let the holidays just happen, but to happen to my holidays this year!

I’m a list person, which can be good and bad. I find it helps me gather my thoughts, make a plan, and keep on track along the way. The bad side is that I have many of them going at various times. Some are useful; others turn up when I least expect them! All of them serve some creative outlet in the moment.

I made one up this past week, a list on how to free my time up so I can enjoy the holidays more fully. I listed things like shopping early, planning community service activities as a family, and getting it on the calendar. Other plans include decorating our home together, carving out time to bake with my children, reading Christmas books together, and spending more time in gratitude and reflection.

I want to encourage you to finish the year strong! As moms we carry the heart of our home. A favorite quote of mine, from the book Loving the Little Years, “The state of your heart is the state of your home,” is such a good reminder. A peaceful, heart-focused season of giving and receiving begins with time well spent at the feet of the One who can truly change our hearts and bring peace to our homes.

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