How to Have a Goal Setting Marriage

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Finding the perfect partner to spend the rest of your life with is an amazing gift. Once you and your spouse join together as one, the next big priority on your list should be to set forth in having a goal setting marriage.

Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it may seem. The beauty of working together as one to create goals for your marriage and family is that you both agree that you want to have the best possible approach to teamwork as you can. Is setting goals together easy when married? Honestly, it’s going to depend on how you approach it!

How to Have a Goal Setting Marriage

We all know that marriage is a partnership, right? And with that partnership comes understanding, patience, and responsibility. More than likely, you were attracted to your spouse because you loved their mind, heart and soul. When it comes to using those positive attributes to have a goal setting marriage, it’s 100% doable to do so!

How To Have a Goal Setting Marriage

Every goal starts with communication

Let’s all agree to understand one thing…your spouse is not a mind reader. If you have something on your mind about a goal that you want to set for yourself or your family, you have to communicate that goal to your spouse.

How else will you be able to come together and accomplish it if it isn’t communicated out loud? Don’t expect your spouse to read between the lines when it comes to future wants and needs…instead, take the time to sit down together and talk about all the possible goals that you hope and want to obtain.


Understand that it’s a two-way street

What you view as an important goal, your spouse may not. And you have to understand that it’s okay. Having a difference of opinion in a marriage isn’t a roadblock, it’s just a bump that you’ll have to get over together.

Communicate goals that you are hoping for, and let your spouse do the same. Understanding that it’s important for you both to have a say in the outcome and setting of goals will be crucial to seeing those goals come to fruition.

Once you start the path towards your goals, set a time to come together and reevaluate

Keep in mind that goals have to be reevaluated. Once you set them, you can’t just forget about them. While the first step in a goal setting marriage is coming together and creating the goal, you and your spouse then need to set a time (7 days, 30 days, etc.) where you will come together and review how the goal is doing.

If your current plan to achieve your goal is not working out how you planned, you can adjust your goal in a way that you both agree on at that point in time. This will make your marriage bond even stronger as you navigate your way through obstacles together.

Be positive about the outcome of your goal

When setting goals in marriage, sometimes those goals will be met, and sometimes they may not. The difference about making it a positive learning experience for everyone involved is how you and your spouse handle the outcome of the goal.

Before the end of the goal, talk to one another about how you will handle your emotions and actions if your goal is not met. By doing this ahead of time, it gives you both the time to adjust and make alternate plans rather than just having to deal with it on the fly.

Coming together with your spouse and having a goal setting marriage isn’t difficult and shouldn’t be viewed that way. It’s an opportunity to work together to better your marriage, your family and improve your overall communication. Instead of looking at it as a challenge, view it as an opportunity to work together and create an even stronger marital bond.

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