Goal Setting for Couples [The Ultimate Guide]

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Setting goals as a couple is extremely important. Nothing puts more strain on a marriage when spouses are on entirely different pages. Think about the last time that you set a goal, but didn’t feel as though you had any support from your better half. Besides feeling frustrated, there was probably a lack of communication, trust and understanding as well. Don’t let this become the norm in your marriage!

Goal setting for couples is an absolute necessity for a thriving marriage. Without goals, you’ll start to notice that your marriage will feel as though it’s losing direction. And without direction, other things can and will start to fall through the cracks as well.

Even with the best of intentions, a marriage without goals is a like a boat without a compass. You will be going every-which-way but where you need to go. In our course Goal Setting for Couples™ we help couples reset their compass and ensure they’re always on the same page.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your ability to set goals as a couple, here are some simple (but powerful) suggestions that anyone can implement!

Goal Setting for Couples – The Ultimate Guide

Goal setting for couples doesn’t have to be hard! Try these steps to get started together on the same path!

Communicate openly about your thoughts.

If you don’t believe in a goal that your spouse has is mind, it’s important to talk to them about it, in a respectful way. While you may not understand in the beginning of why they are wanting a certain goal, after having a conversation and hearing more in-depth about their wants and plans, you may find that you have a better understanding of their path. Respectful communication helps to pave the way towards reaching and achieving goals.

Be open-minded.

The great part about having a great spouse is that you are both open-minded towards the other’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. If you want a goal to be considered, each of you have to be open-minded as to why that goal may be important. Don’t be dismissive to the wants and needs of your spouse. Instead, listen and try to understand why they feel that a goal is important. Just because you hadn’t thought of it in the first place doesn’t mean that it isn’t important.

Set a date to reevaluate the goals that you’ve set.

It’s so important to plan ahead to pick a time to look at how the progress towards your goals are coming along. Keep in mind that your goals aren’t set in stone, so if you need to change or alter them a bit, do so! Just make certain that whatever you decide, you agree on together as a couple.

At times, agree to disagree.

While this one may throw you for a bit of a loop…it’s important to keep in mind because honestly, you won’t agree on everything together 100% of the time, but you can still be supportive to one another 100% of the time. Showing your support and being supportive for goals that your better half finds important, is extremely important. And remember, if the goal doesn’t end up working out, you can always adjust it or alter it at a later date.

Even though you will have to agree to disagree, you can still be kind to one another a be sure to diffuse any arguments before they happen. This will set you up for goal setting success!

Always a have reason for working towards a goal.

Anyone can throw out a goal that the want to obtain, but if there isn’t any type of seriousness or truth behind obtaining that goal, your spouse isn’t going to get on board to join you in obtaining that goal. When you have a goal in mind, communicate why you feel it’s important to tackle it together. Include your spouse in your thoughts. Let them know that you want them to be a part of the goal, and your hope is that you will obtain it together.

Establishing goals as a couple should never be one-sided. Goal setting as a couple means that you both are wanting to hit and reach goals, together. By implementing the suggestions above, you are setting a solid foundation for your marriage to enter into your goals, hand in hand and side by side. Goals-setting together is exciting, so why not have fun together while doing so?

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