A Prayer for the Homeschool Mom

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A prayer for the homeschool mom can strengthen the spirit and soothe the soul. It is a necessary part of this homeschool mom’s life. I’ve been spending my evenings in our “school room” trying to prep and organize everything before the end of August. It’s quiet and relaxing in the evenings. All four boys are in bed and I finally get some time to myself.

I have been reflecting so much on my journey that brought me to homeschooling, and the honor and privilege it is to homeschool my children.

the homeschool moms prayer

A Prayer for the Homeschool Mom

I just can’t help but praise my Savior for all the gifts, blessings, and challenges it brings my way.

Jesus, thank you for the freedom to educate my children at home.

Jesus, thank you for my healthy children–even when they are loud and fight with each other.

Jesus, thank you for my husband and his job which afford me the ability to stay home with our children.

Heavenly Father, please help me to stay patient and loving towards my children day after day.

Guide my words and actions so that I can show my children Jesus in every moment of our day.

I pray for energy to keep up with the needs of my husband, home, and children on a daily basis.

Lay your hands on the heads of my children that they may see You, serve others, and glorify Your holy name.


Homeschooling many small children (or big ones) can be so draining both physically and emotionally. Patience is going within 15 minutes of getting started and it’s so easy to yell and get angry with our children and ourselves.

I am going to print this out and place it in our homeschool room so that I can pray it daily and reflect on my purpose as mother and teacher throughout the day.

I pray that you have a wonderful school year with your children and that the joy that only Jesus can bring is the center of your lesson plans!

Guest Post By: Liz @ Watch Me Homeschool


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