7 Outdoor Winter Family Activities

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We are about 6 weeks from the first day of SPRING. Yippee!

That means it will be time for planting flowers, afternoons at the park, planting a garden, and spending the majority of everyday outside.

The kids need it after a winter break.

The parents need it after a winter break.

Pretty soon the kids will be digging for worms, grabbing fishing poles, and hanging out at the pond. They will be making sand castles, blowing bubbles, and dancing in the rain.

But you don’t have to wait until then to enjoy the outdoors with your family. Plan something now. In the winter. In the cold.

Don’t wait until spring to get outside. Don’t waste time wishing for the next season. Seize this one and ENJOY TODAY!

7 Outdoor Winter Family Activities

1. Make a fire pit and drink hot chocolate around it.

2. Bundle up and go on a walk; bring a blanket and read a book all bundled up. (Then go home and drink hot chocolate.)

3. Run races in the cold.

4. Make a pine cone bird feeder with peanut butter and bird seed.

5. Go on a walk and cut down greenery to put in a pot.

6. Hike a local trail.

7. Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt. The treasure at the end should be the ingredients to make s’mores! Utilize a fire pit or head indoors to make them. Eat them on the porch cuddled up in a blanket.


Kids spell LOVE — T-I-M-E.

Don’t let this season pass you by without planning something special to do as a family.

Show your family LOVE by hanging out with them today!

What do you do in the winter as a family?

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