5 Spiritual Warfare Strategies for Couples

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Whether you’ve been married one month or one year, there are specific spiritual warfare strategies for couples that we highly recommend. Mike and I have seen our fair share of warfare and in hindsight have been relatively thankful for them. Although in some moments it seems like all hell is breaking loose (literally), we can lean and depend on what we are going to share with you below.

5 Spiritual Warfare Strategies for Couples

5 Spiritual Warfare Strategies for Couples

What we are going to share with you isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all let alone magic words to say to keep bad things from happening. The truth of the matter is warfare is going to happen. The enemy is going to do what he does best – attempt to kill, steal, and destroy anything that is for God.

These strategies are to help equip you for declaring war against the enemy and winning. You’ll have to make the conscious choice and effort to fight for your marriage and develop an ongoing battle plan to keep the enemy at bay.

Strategy #1: Always put God first.

When things seem to go array, one of the last things checked is the priority list. Only after careful consideration will one realize that they have possibly removed God from His rightful place in their life. You and your spouse need to decide and be determined to keep God first both personally and together in your marriage. When He is number one, everything else will fall into place.

Strategy #2: Develop a lifestyle of prayer.

Prayer is one of our best ways to communicate with the Father. Just like we use it to talk to our spouse, grow closer to one another, and just have day-to-day connections… The same is true when talking to God. In fact, He wants to hear from us and when it comes to spiritual warfare, we’re willing to say it is a necessity. Prayer is a time to bring everything to the feet of Jesus and call upon the hosts of heaven. It’s a time to pour out your heart to the Father and seek His will.

Strategy #3: Keep communication open and trust intact.

Warfare likes to rear its ugly head especially when couples do not have good communication and/or something has happened to hinder trust. The enemy will play in these areas by leading you to believe the fight is with your spouse. If something has happened that needs reconciliation, seek remedy as quickly as possible. Then, develop the trust to be as open as needed with your spouse. When husbands and wives feel comfortable communicating their deepest needs, secrets, fears, etc., nothing can catch them by surprise.

Strategy #4: Stay in the Word.

When the Word goes in, godly character comes out. If you’re filling yourself with the world, it will give the enemy more tempting ground to make the worldly come out. One of the best ways to stay in the Word is to get and stay in it with your spouse. There are a number of bible studies you can do together, or you can choose a topic or book of the bible to read with one another. Use this intimate moment to grow closer to God and to one another.

Strategy #5: Be mindful of busyness.

Busyness is another tactic the enemy will use to drive a wedge between you, your spouse, and Heavenly Father. When we get caught up in everything around us, it’s easy to lose focus and let our guards down. No matter how packed the schedule gets, always put God, His Word, prayer, and your spouse first. When you pour time into these things, again, everything else will inevitably line up.

Final Thoughts

These practice spiritual warfare strategies for couples will help you stay focused on things that matter the most. If and when you feel like the enemy is attacking you, your spouse, and your marriage, remember these strategies and then take time to fix what needs fixing. In some cases, recalibration will be necessary, but totally worth it.

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