4 Reasons to Use Lessontrek Homeschool Planner

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Managing Your Blessings

If you are like me, you like to keep things neat and tidy. And I would go even further to say that not only do I like thing to be neat and tidy (thanks to my type-A personality mixed with being raised by two first-generation Japanese women obsessed with cleanliness) but I also like them to be practical. As a matter of fact, if something is going to be a part of my life, it has to be practical as I simply do not have room for anything that is not. That being said, today I want to introduce you to Lessontrek, a practical solution to your homeschool planning needs.

As a homeschooling mom entering into my 11th year of homeschooling, I am always looking for new and practical ways to plan our lessons each year. I am open to anything that can possibly help shave time off planning and give those extra minutes and hours back to spending time with my family. After using Lessontrek for a little while, I can see how planning our 2014-2015 homeschool year will help me gain some time I would have wasted otherwise.

4 Reasons to Use Lessontrek Homeschool Planner

1. Lessontrek is very user friendly, therefore it doesn’t take a lot of time to figure out how to use it. That is a huge plus for me as I’ve used other online planning services in the past that had a fairly large learning curve. I just want to plan homeschool lessons, it isn’t rocket science. Thanks to the ease of Lessontrek’s use, I was able to quickly start planning out the first semester of our three children’s 2014-2015 homeschool year. Everything is very self-explanatory. However, if you need help, the customer service at Lessontrek is really fast and effective. Here is a screenshot of the first week of our 2014-2015 homeschool year for our youngest son (notice the color coding, LOVE this feature!).

Homeschool Planning

2. The plethora of features Lessontrek provides. As of right now (more features will be added soon) you can expect to receive these amazing features with your Lessontrek subscription:

  • Lesson tracker
  • Grade recording
  • Drag and drop lessons to another weekday
  • Copy/paste lessons across weeks
  • Copy/paste an entire week of lessons
  • Print weekly lesson plans
  • Secure information storage
  • Customer support
  • Ongoing improvements based upon customer feedback

And they are in the process of adding:

  • Gradebook
  • Shared subjects across students
  • Attendance tracking
  • Transcripts

Woah! That’s a lot of features for the amazing price! (learn about affordability below)

3. It’s affordable. At just $6 a month or $60 a year – you will have access to all the features that I mentioned above. For those who are frugal-minded like myself, this is a great value for your dollar. And did I mention you can try it out for free for 14 days? Yep, it’s true!


4. It’s online! I love paperless living, so this makes a who lot of sense for me. I appreciate the fact that I can access my records online at anytime and print them out when I need them rather than store it all in my house. And for people like me, this feature alone makes Lessontrek worth it’s weight in gold!

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