10 Summer Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

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As the weather gets warmer, consider these summer date ideas that won’t break the bank all while helping you build intimacy with God and your spouse. If there’s one thing we know well, it’s that intimacy in marriage can often be put on the backburner. That’s why it is important to intentionally take time for your spouse and for God. Here are some ways to help you do just that.

10 Summer Date Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

10 Summer Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Banks

Have a picnic and Bible study.

Head to the closest park, lake, or peaceful place where you and your spouse can relax. Have a picnic there, and dive into the Word. Take this opportunity to embrace the nature around you. And use it to spark a quick bible study about the healing properties of nature and its life-giving abilities. 

Cook a meal together.

If you have young children, consider getting a babysitter and/or letting them spend some time at grandma’s house. In the meantime, you and your spouse can enjoy cooking a nice meal together and using the time for intimate discussion. We have a few conversation starter ideas that can be used to reignite the spark in your marriage. Choose one or two from this list to explore more about one another.

Go on a nature walk or hike.

Head to your local walking trail, state park, or a place where you and your spouse can hold hands and enjoy the sounds of nature. While on your walk, talk about what you like most about being outdoors together. You can also collect a few trinkets along the way such as special stones to remind you of the time you spent together.

Stargaze in the backyard.

Set up an intimate spot in your backyard with some blankets, small candles or tealights, and your favorite beverages. Lay close to one another, hold hands, or even cuddle. Look up at the sky and talk about the wonderful creations that God has made. Discuss any Scriptures that come to mind about God’s creation and what they mean to you.

Play a bible game together.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be anything too trivial nor fancy, but not only would playing a bible game increase your knowledge of Scripture but also your love for one another. Use the game to also dive deeper into Scriptural studies that spark both of your’s attention.

Go on a scavenger hunt using things that are meaningful to you and your spouse.

A good example of this would be visiting the first place you went on a date or your favorite quiet place around town. Using the memories you and your spouse have built would make for a great way to reignite what brought you two together and continue to keep you strong today.

Fun Summer Date Ideas for Couples

Learn something new together.

Whether it’s learning how to fish, sew, or paint, learning how to do something new together is sure to spark intimacy. Thank God for the ability to spend time together and for allowing you and your spouse to embark on the journey of doing something new.

Create a time capsule.

Grab an old jar and take turns putting objects and trinkets that represent you and your spouse’s relationship. This can be a number of things from movie tickets to receipts from your favorite restaurant. While putting things in the jar, praise God for the time you’ve been able to spend together and recap the memories those objects bring to mind.

Make a poster of your favorite Scriptures.

No artistic abilities are needed for this one as the main idea is to simply write your favorite Scriptures on a poster board. This can be hung on your wall or put away and brought out anytime either of you wants to remember a Word. Don’t forget to share why the Scriptures you chose are your favorite.

Have prayer and praise time together.

Praying and praising the Father together is something that most couples feel too insecure to do; however, they are two of the most powerful things that can draw you and your spouse closer to one another and God. Consider playing a few of your favorite praise songs and singing out to the Father. Finish up with prayer time in which you can pray specifically for one another, your marriage, and your family.

Final Thoughts

These summer date ideas are not only meant to save you money but to also enhance the intimate connection between you and your spouse, as well as grow closer to God. Cherish the time you and your spouse have to spend together and make the most of your journey in this life together. What are some things you and your spouse do to grow intimately closer? Let us know in the comments below!

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