14 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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Could you use some romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas? Are you looking for new, romantic ways to celebrate with the one you love? If so, you’ve come to the right spot! Here are 14 romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas to help you plan the perfect date.

14 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

14 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

1. Reenact Your First Date

If you’ve been with your Valentine for awhile, it may have been awhile since that magical first date. Recreating it and involving as many of the original details as you can will help you to relive those first date jitters and excitement that led you to where you are now.

2. Write Love Letters to One Another (and Share Them)

Though it may feel a bit awkward, take time over dinner to write love letters to each other. Include your feelings and other details that may make the other blush. Then read them to one another over dinner.

3. Dream Together

Make a list of dreams that you have for your future together and talk about them over a quiet dinner. Use our Goal Setting Planner for Couples to help you build and accomplish those dreams.

4. List 14 Things that You Love about One Another

Similar to love letters, make a list about what you love about your significant other (and have him/her do the same.) Then trade lists and read what one another wrote. You may be in for a few surprises.

5. Enjoy sex together

Having sex with your spouse is not only exciting, but a healthy part of a strong marriage! Even if you are going through a dry patch right now, you can boost your libido by practicing techniques that allow each of you to explore one another’s bodies. This is a wonderful expression of love for your partner. And the best part? It’s free! Of course you can add things to spice it up, but the act itself costs you nothing and brings you closer to your spouse!

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6. Spend a Night (or day) Massaging One Another

Massage has the power to heal our bodies and restore trust. The gentle touching of your spouses hands upon your body is not only romantic but soothes the soul. We’ve learned how to massage one another through the fantastic Couples Massage Course. This amazing course has given us the confidence and ability to massage one another rather than spending money on a stranger doing so.

More Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

7. Take a Road Trip

Hit the road. Whether you make it a day trip or a weekend getaway, leaving the craziness of the daily grind and focusing on the two of you is a great way to build the romance.

8. Make New Discoveries

Not able to get away? You can still explore uncharted territory in your own backyard. Find a new restaurant, go walk around an unfamiliar downtown area or go hiking. The goal should be to make new memories together.

9. Take a Tour

It’s amazing how familiar places can seem different from a new perspective. Take a tour of your hometown or city; whether a horse-drawn carriage ride or a historical tour, seeing your home with new eyes is a great experience to share with your loved one.

10. Get Artsy

Head to a local art studio that offers classes (often with a BYOB option). This fun evening will leave you both with works of art to hang at home and new memories to share with one another.

11. Go All Out

Looking for a night out? Get dressed up and head to a fancy restaurant. If you aren’t looking for the bill to go with a high-end evening, consider going for appetizers or dessert and doing dinner elsewhere. The mood-lighting and soft music is sure to bring just the romantic touch that you’re looking for.

12. A Quiet Evening In

As nice as fancy evenings, can be, quiet dinners in can be just as nice. Create a candlelit dinner at home and create just the ambiance that you’re looking for.

13. Create a Time Capsule

Creating a time capsule together, including favorite mementos from your relationship, is a great way to remember the important parts of your past and focus on your future together.

14. Retell Your Story

Write the story of your relationship. Take turns adding sentences as you reflect on how you met, what you love about each other and each important event along the way.

Do you have other romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas? Please share your thoughts.

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